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Breast Pumps

In the olden days, women did not have the luxury of utilising a breast pump to make breastfeeding more efficient. The modern day mothers are getting busier and busier, but with breast pumps in Hong Kong, it makes breastfeeding a whole lot more convenient. Browse and learn more about the products below.

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NUK Jolie Manual Breast Pump
HK$ 473.00

NUK manual breast pump Jolie The NUK manual breast pump Jolie allows you an effortless, gentle but anyhow quite efficient expressing of breast milk. Jolie is simply to use and also suitable for the cleansing in the dishwasher. Nowadays modern mothers want to be independent, flexible and always mobile. Then the breastfeeding is not always possible. But this does not mean at all that your sweetheart has to dispense on its valuable breast milk. Expressing breast milk offers a useful alternative. Feeding with one NUK First Choice+ feeding bottles gives your little darling a pleasant feeling almost similar to the breastfeeding. Thanks to its innovative technology and a well-sophisticated functionality the pump power of NUK Jolie is especially high. The soft supple silicone-pads adapt ideal to the mother breast and ensure a pleasant gentle feeling on the skin. Special naps stimulate the milk-flow. With the NUK manual breast pump Jolie the expressing of breast milk is very easy. The pump lever is ergonomically shaped and especially smooth-running. Through the pump lever the suction-power can be individually adjusted. The more it will be pressed the higher is the suction-power. The expressed breast milk runs directly into the supplied NUK breast milk container from temperature-resistant polypropylene (Pp). The container is suitable for the storage, freezing, heating and feeding of the breast milk – to pour it in another bottle is not necessary. Onto the threaded ring of the milk container can be directly placed a NUK First Choice+ teat. Now it is ready for feeding. For a hygienic cleansing can the breast pump be parted into component parts and also simple be mounted again together. Very useful is it that the component parts of Jolie can also be washed in the dishwasher. The NUK Jolie manual breast pump has been developed in close co-operation with experts from the special field breastfeeding and on base of newest medical cognitions to assure an effortless, gentle and efficient expressing of milk for you. All used materials are in the well-established NUK quality of course, absolutely high class, tested for harmful substances and BPA-free. Manufactured in Germany. Product details: * high-efficient manual breast pump * gentle expressing of breast milk and simple handling * soft and supple silicone pads with special naps which stimulate the milk-flow * ergonomically smooth-running pump lever * included foot, breast milk container with treaded ring and closure plate (for storage, freezing, heating and feeding) * BPA-free * Made in Germany

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Philips Avent SCF334/02
HK$ 2,429.00

Avent comfort twin electronic breast pump The Avent comfort twin electronic breast pump is ideal for mommies which regularly express breast milk. Save much time by simultaneously comfortable expressing of both breasts. No matter if you are ill sometime or need just a time-out. Thanks to the expressing of the valuable breast milk even daddy or grandma and grandma may feed and pamper your little sweetheart. The Avent comfort twin electronic breast pump has been developed in a unique design. So you can much more comfortable sit while you express of milk because a pleasant and especially relaxed sitting position encourages quite naturally the milk flow. To make expressing of milk as comfortable as possible can you select between three different expressing-adjustments. With aid of the gentle stimulation-mode will the milk-flow quite naturally be stimulated. The unique massage-pad with the velvet-soft surface ensures a pleasant skin-feeling. The breast milk may be caught in each one Avent close-to-nature feeding-bottle (125 ml). With the matching close-to-nature teats can you ideal combine the breastfeeding and the bottle-feeding. All parts are simply assembled, easy to clean and compatible with other Avent articles. Product details: * much more comfort, for lots of breast milk in a natural way * can more breast milk in less time be expressed – expressing of both breasts simultaneously * comfortable sitting-position while expressing breast milk * selection between different adjustment-options for a comfortable expressing of milk * unique massage-pad with velvet-soft surface * included 2 close-to-nature feeding-bottles (125 ml) and 2 close-to-nature teats * ideal to combine breastfeeding and bottle-feeding * compatible with the complete Avent nutrition system

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NUK Luna Electric Breast Pump
HK$ 974.00

NUK Luna electric comfort breast pump Breast milk is the best for your sweetheart. If breastfeeding is not the case, however , your little angel does not have to still give up his precious breast milk. Mothers who express milk regularly, put on an electric breast pump. The NUK Luna is small, lightweight and easy to handle, and thus tailored to the needs of modern mothers. Thanks to the two-phase pumping rhythm provides the electric breast pump NUK highest efficiency and excellent comfort by simulating the innate sucking rhythm of the baby during breastfeeding. The first phase stimulates the milk ejection reflex by rapid stimulation and short suction intervals. The second phase makes a slow, intensive sucking rhythm for maximum milk flow. You can choose the different phases individually. By combining the two-phase more milk can be pumped out in a shorter time. The particular advantages of the NUK breast pump are infinitely adjustable suction strength that allows an optimum adaptation to your individual needs, as well as the super soft silicone cushion that the curvature of the breast adapts perfectly, soft nubs massage the skin and stimulate additional gentle on the flow of milk. Effortlessly the NUK Luna electric comfort breast pump can be used with only one hand. Because of only a few parts it is disassembled after use in no time, easily cleaned and reassembled at lightning speed. So that you can be flexible, the milk pump can optionally operate with batteries or plug (batteries not included, 3 x AAA 1.5V batteries). You also get a plug adapter / travel plug, which is designed for worldwide use. For delivery in addition to the milk pump with silicone cushions the following, practical accessories are included in the package: A NUK First Choice + Anti-Colic bottle teat made ​​of silicone, size 1 S (extra fine perforated) for babies 0-6 months, one NUK breast milk container, a screw ring, a cap, a closure plate, a tilting stand and a euro plug CEE 7/16 for use when traveling. Product details: * Efficient: 2-phase rhythm - Phase 1: stimulate milk flow - Phase 2: efficient pumping, phases can be selected individually * Mild: infinitely adjustable suction strength for maximum comfort * Soft: super soft silicone cushion with knobs for pleasant massage and optimal adjustment at the breast * Flexible: Mains or battery operation, including changing male / Travel Plug (worldwide) - for 100 - 240 V AC / 50/60 Hertz * Compatible with all NUK First Choice bottles and teats * Incl. NUK First Choice Anti-Colic Wide neck + silicone teat, size 1 ( 0-6 months), S (extra fine perforated), protection cap, screw ring, closure plate, stand and NUK breast milk container

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Philips Avent Philips Natural Breastfeeding Set with Manual Breast Pump
HK$ 701.00

Avent Philips Natural Breastfeeding Set with Manual Breast Pump For a good start to a new stage of life – the Philips Avent Natural breastfeeding set with manual breast pump is the perfect support kit for all moms who wish to start expressing breast milk. The set contains all the important essentials needed for pumping and storing milk as well as for feeding your baby. Items delivered: * 1 x comfort manual breast pump, * 10 x reusable breast milk storage cups (180 ml), * 1x Natural baby bottle 260 ml, * 1 Natural teat, * 2 x adaptors, and * 4 x breast pads (2 x day breast pads, 2 x night breast pads). The unique design of this manual breast pump allows you to sit straight up in a comfortable pumping position. The milk flows directly from your breast into the bottle while the comfortable sitting position contributes to a natural and easy milk flow. The silky-soft texture of the massage cushion feels particularly warm on your skin and thus additionally stimulates the milk flow in a gentle way. The soft and flexible petals inside the teat contribute to natural drinking just like on mom’s breast. Furthermore, the softness and flexibility of the teat prevent the teat from collapsing. The innovative twin valve reduces colic and discomfort by preventing the air from getting into baby’s tummy. Combining breast and bottle feeding is thus made particularly easy for your child. The Natural baby bottle features an ergonomic shape which makes it easy to hold and grip it in any direction. The material used (polypropylene) is free from Bpa. By using the adaptor for the reusable storage cups, you can easily pump your breast milk directly into the storage container. This way, there is no leakage and no spilling of your precious breast milk. Sealing the cups tightly with the matching discs ensures safe storage and transport of your baby’s food. All cups are suitable for being stored in the fridge or freezer and are dishwasher safe. The disposable breast pads feature several layers so that they ensure maximum absorbency. They are made of silky-soft, breathable outer material. Details: * Comprehensive set for new-born babies and their moms * Breast pump with unique design for relaxed pumping (no leaning forwards, comfortable position) * Soft massage cushion for gently stimulating milk flow * Particularly soft and flexible teat, unique petals * Special anti-colic system * For easy combination of breast and bottle feeding * Ergonomic shape of bottle for easy grip * Wide bottleneck for easy assembly, filling and cleaning * Storage cups are suitable for being stored in fridge and freezer, dishwasher safe * Matching storage cup discs for safe storage and transport * Adaptor helps to pump milk directly into the storage container * Material of bottle: polypropylene, free from BPA * Material of breast pump: polypropylene, free from BPA (only those parts that come in contact with food) * Material of reusable storage cups: polypropyl...

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Different Types of Breast Pumps

The breast pump may look like an intimidating tool, especially for first-time mothers. In fact, the tool is far from being intimidating as it benefits both the mother and the baby. Working moms especially who are still nursing are able to pump and store breast milk ensuring that their babies are getting the nutrition even while they are away. As for the stay-at-home moms, they can catch up on some me-time while an attendant helps feed the baby.

Moms have a lot of choices when it comes to breastfeeding. They have the option to breastfeed exclusively, use a manual or an electric pump, or the combination of all the above. Here are categories of breast pumps in Hong Kong:


A cheaper alternative to the electric versions, the manual breast pumps work by mimicking the sucking action of a breastfeeding baby and gives moms a more natural feeling. Moreover, this version of the breast pump allows moms to control the suction rate and is much quieter compared to the electric pump. The products selling well in this category are the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Manual Breast Pump, Malish Akello Manual Breastpump, and Medela Base Single Manual Breast pump.

Single Electric

This version is ideal for mothers who choose to breastfeed and pump at the same time. Especially for the mom’s on-the-go, it may be easier to pack and take along when they are out and about. The top
choices for single electric breast pumps in Hong Kong are the Lacte solo electric breast pump, eve love baby Lilly single electric breast pump with free gift package, and Youha – Cheery II Single Electric Breast

Double Electric

While single electric breast pumps are fast and effective, the double pump allows you to express milk from both breasts at the same time. Not only does it speed up the process, you can carry out other tasks while you’re at it. The most popular choices for this kind are the Spectra – S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump Package, Medela freestyle double electric breast pump package, and Cimilre – F1 Rechargeable Double Breast Pump Package.

How often can breast pumps be used?

Breast pumps are safe to use everyday but it also really depends whether the baby is nursing well. On average, mothers may pump from eight to ten times a day in order to establish enough supply for the baby. It would be ideal to space out the usage throughout the day to ensure effective pumping. Be reminded that it is just a machine to enhance the breastfeeding process, so it is not necessary to be constantly glued to it.

Find the best options to express milk with breast pumps in Hong Kong because a happy mother equals a happy baby.