Create a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living space with Ferm Living Hong Kong! The brand takes interior design to the next level with their extensive collection of home decor for your living room, kitchen, or bedroom! Check out the best items from Ferm Living or read more about Ferm Living Hong Kong below.

Ferm Living Home Decor

Decorate your Home with the Best Products from Ferm Living Hong Kong

A home is more than just an area with your furniture and appliances for daily living, it is a space where you can grow as a person and as a family. In a home, aesthetics is important because it provides your living environment with comfort and welcoming vibes. Like every homemaker, you want what is best for your household in terms of interior design. Ferm Hong Kong offers a great selection of items to breathe a new life to your home.

About Ferm Living Hong Kong

Established in 2006, Ferm Living is a brand known to create home decor collections and gift items for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, etc. From wallpapers, furniture, throw pillows, illustrations, textiles, cushions, and aesthetic accents, Ferm Living brings a new life to any living space. With the brand’s sincere passion for creativity and craftsmanship, Ferm Living challenges current interior design standards by creating contemporary pieces with a touch of mid-century charm. Every corner of your home will never be the same with Ferm Living.

Importance of Interior Design

Interior design is more than just aesthetics, but also function. Even if you have the smallest apartment in the neighborhood, with the right interior design concept, you can create the most comfortable living space. Interior design can be easily compared with architecture and is just as important. So, if you want your space to look as aesthetically pleasing and functional as possible, consult an interior designer to create the best themes for your home.

Interior design is less of reworking your living space and more of choosing the right furniture and decorative concepts. This is where Ferm Living Hong Kong excels in their products. The brand boasts a great selection of decorative items that would reflect your lifestyle within your living space.

Ferm Living Collections

Ferm Living x Studio Oink

Collaborating with Ferm Living, Studio Oink founders Lea Korzeczek and Matthias Hille created interior design pieces which reflect Studio Oink’s philosophy. Specializing in object and product design, Studio Oink creates sets designs for photo productions and digital and print magazines. The collaboration focuses on philosophy and balance between simplicity and playfulness.

Ferm Living x April and May

A whimsical take on interior design, the Ferm Living x April Maly collection named “Glimpses of From the Sea” brings your home a little bit closer to shore. As a well-known styling studio from the Netherlands, April and May took the collection a step further by incorporating whimsical patterns to their design, adding more to its whimsical side. Fun, balanced, and certainly artistic, this collection would soothe your soul and bring life to your living space.

AW 16 “Subtle Dwelling”

The latest collection from Ferm Living, the brand’s autumn winter 2016 collection “Subtle Dwelling” puts together an elegant play of colors and contrasting textures. Within this series, a collection of furniture is also available such as the Mingle Table Top which is lined with a layer of durable linoleum or oak veneer. The collection also features Herman lounge chairs and stackable Herman stools. Finally, the last piece of furniture for this collection is the Haze Vitrine which is a freestanding cabinet made from slim powder-coated metal and textured armored glass. In a nutshell, this collection focuses on creating simple shapes but with unique textures and contrasting finishes and a selection of palettes which contrasts an already monochrome setting.

The Christmas Collection

Perfect for the season, Ferm Living Christmas collection offers a new take for the holidays. Instead of reds, greens, and golds, the brand gives you neutral to warm colors on your favorite Christmas accents and decors. Miniature Christmas trees made from wood and metal are also present within the collection, giving your home a pleasant and contemporary Christmas vibe. Metallic Christmas decors, candleholders, and even gift wrappers are also available.

The Paddle People

The Paddle People is a special collection of decorative oars made of wood covered by a knitted layer of fabric which gives it special geometric patterns and colors. Made by Rikke Jo Tholstrup, these special oars are inspired by art from indigenous of North America. There are five available designs and are all handmade from Denmark with knitted pieces from a 1950s knitwear factory in the country.

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