Luca Cordero DI Montezemolo once said, “Italy is famous for fashion, food, Ferrari, and furniture-furniture was a segment where the companies in the high-end are all small”. Ferrari, an automobile brand that is famous for producing cars that convey class and wealth, is also famous for its line of perfumes, fragrances, colognes, apparels and accessories. From its tagline, “we are the competition”, this Italian brand certainly walks the talk with its unmatched quality and superior designs. 

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The beginning of an iconic brand

Imagine if you had been living in the world where the creator of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari had never been born. Hundreds of garages in Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, East Hampton and Monte Carlo would sit dry and gather dust. The two front cars often would be missing at the starting grids of the Grand Prix. Boasting to your friends that “one day I’m going to possess a Ferrari” would make them ask, “What’s that? An animal?, and Italian race fans would occupy the cafes on Sunday afternoons only to voice out their torment at the departure of their favourite Italian F1 team. 

But in 1898 Enzo Ferrari was born. And the former mechanic turned race driver turned race manager founded a company, known as “Scuderia Ferrari” in 1929 and begin to pay for drivers and manufactured race cars before dedicating his life to producing race cars that in the coming years would win more world tournaments than any other team, would set off bidding frenzies worth multi-million dollars in crowded auction houses, would grace the photo spreads in automobile magazines, and would create enough of stallion-adorned products to fill up a glamorous fashion house. 

Today, Ferrari continues to participate in car racing, especially in Formula One and has sourced racing cars to other entrants, apart from its own Scuderia Ferrari team. Apart from that, Ferrari has produced a line of other products such as colognes, perfumes & fragrances, apparels for women, men and kids, accessories, home & living products, watches, collectibles and sunglasses. The brand has opened 13 Ferrari stores worldwide, in prominent cities such as Dubai, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Jeddah, Kuwait, Macau, Milan, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Rome, Paris, Singapore, and St. Petersburg. 

The infamous Ferrari’s logo

Ferrari’s logo, the prancing black horse logo is the most valued logo in the auto kingdom. Enzo Ferrari designed the logo based on the prancing horse emblem that was painted on the Italy’s top fighter ace’s plane, Francesco Baracca. Enzo Ferrari loved the prancing horse emblem so much that he changed the white background to canary yellow, an official color for Modena, the birthplace of Enzo and from that day on, a star is born. When the ace pilot died in action, Enzo changed the color of the horse from red to black, to mourn the passing of the fallen pilot. Today, the iconic prancing black horse logo can be seen on Ferrari cars and the logo symbolizes speed, luxury and wealth.

Ferrari’s luxurious Spring/Summer 2015 lifestyle collection

When conveying class and wealth in cars is not enough for Ferrari, the company turns to garments and this year’s Spring/Summer 2015 Lifestyle Collection goes beyond just conveying class as it mirrors the history of Ferrari, particularly the Italian brand’s passion for design, front-line automotive technology, paying careful attention to detail and its world-famous ‘Made in Italy” craftsmanship. This collection consists of garments that are simple, sporty yet elegant and sophisticated while the accessories contain silk ties and scarves, small leather items and Ferrari’s high-class travel line. The collection presents a fresh take on casual attire that is classy and timeless. 

The palette for the Spring/Summer 2015 Lifestyle Collection is influenced by the soft shades of the sea and the sky- the same palette that is used to personalize the interiors of Ferrari’s cars. Apart from the brand new colours-robin's egg blue to air force blue, powder blue and darker shades of the same colour, the collection also includes Ferrari’s classic colours and dashes of warmer colours such as the earth tones of sand and beige. 

The garments from the collection are made of rich materials and textures, everything from bomber jackets to polo shirts, cotton t-shirts and jerseys, denim jackets and shirts, and it provides to the versatility of the collection. Not to mention, the exquisite details such as the classic Prancing horse and the tricolour motif recurs along the collars and zips on the garments, giving the consumers the luxurious feeling, the same feeling as owning a Ferrari car. 

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