Music has become an indispensable part for many of us in Hong Kong. For this reason, many manufacturers like FiiO HK aim to ensure that you get to listen to your favorite tracks on the go by creating top-of-the-line music players. Find out more about Fiio HK audio equipment below.


3 Reasons to Buy Fiio Products in Hong Kong

Like its tagline, "Love Music, Love Life", music is synonymous with life itself. Holding true to this value that emphasizes the love of music and life, Fiio HK is one of the most reputable brands that manufacture headphone amplifiers, digital-to-analogue converters, high-resolution digital audio players, and headphones. Fiio audio products boast impressive sound reproduction that has garnered favourable responses even from the harshest of the critics. The combination of innovation, quality and service found in all of its products made Fiio one of the trendsetters that established a benchmark in the audio equipment industry.

Great Reviews from Critics

Positioning itself as a "Hi-fi brand with style", no one expects Fiio to take the world by storm through its revolutionary and innovative audio equipment. If you read the reviews in tech magazines or watch the Youtube reviewers, you will find Fiio is very consistent in producing stellar music players and sell them at unbeatable prices. Since its establishment in 2007, Fiio has been churning a series of marvellous products that can make audiophile crowd swoon in awe when listening to their rich, dynamic and clear sounds.

Ensures Product Quality

Focusing on the product quality itself, Fiio works hard to ensure that all of its customers and users to be just happy when using its products. Not only that, Fiio adheres strictly to ISO9001 standards as well as placing priority to get the lowest repair-related products return rate. All of these efforts showcase Fiio's attentiveness to details and its dedication to creating a truly enjoyable experience for its users. In addition, Fiio products are priced in such a way that many people can afford to own it because Fiio believes everyone should be able to experience music without any worry, frustration and fear. It is the little details that will make the real difference and Fiio takes great care in maximising the performance of its products by paying attention to even the subtlest of details that can ruin your experience and eliminate them.

Produces Excellent Audio Equipment

Fiio is the proud producer of stellar audio equipment that provides solid and smooth performance. Each Fiio product has been designed and tested extensively to show that it can perform well and, in many cases, its performance has been said to be excellent. Hence, it is not a surprise that even the most skeptical audiophile critic will agree that Fiio has a knack for making real music players.

Fiio X7: Forged in a solid block of 6061 aluminium (the kind of material used in flagship smartphones), the design of Fiio X7 portable music player looks very well-polished with high-quality furnishing on its edges. As you hold this Fiio X7 with your hand, you will find that the grip is secured yet smooth for comfortable use. Boasting IPS TFT 480x800 screen, the display of Fiio X7's screen is easy and comfortable to look at. In addition, its touchscreen allows for up to 5 simultaneous touch points for future configurations that will make your experience truly enjoyable. Powered by the quad-core Cortex A9 with 1GB RAM that runs at 1.4GHz speed, the Fiio X7 operates without any lags to provide a seamless listening experience.

Fiio X3: Featuring a built-in amplifier, Fiio X3 music player allows you to use any headphones to enjoy its excellent performance. Constructed as a true audiophile device, Fiio X3 is a solid piece of equipment that boasts vivid and remarkable sound quality. Fiio X3 also features a 2.4-inch TFT display that makes it easy for you to view. Speaking of its operational capacity, Fiio X3 lasts for 10 hours of usage.

Fiio X1: Bearing the user-friendly interface, Fiio X1 supports a microSD card up to 128GB for your extra storage needs. When it comes to the quality of sound, Fiio X1 is able to generate richer, crisp and clearer sound despite its surprisingly small size. Since it is small, you can comfortably bring it around without any worry or frustration as you can easily store it in and get it out from your bag or other compartments. Its battery pack allows it to last up to 10 hours and only 3 hours to be fully charged; it is surprisingly efficient for its small size.

Aside from their audio equipment, check out Fiio phones and tablets and computing products.

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