A brand that supports families with young children, Fisher Price helps in making childhood fun and enriching. Parents and guardians will be able to equip children with skills that will last for a lifetime! Fisher Price aspires to inspire you to discover the power of playtime and to share the joy of learning with your child every day through the breadth of products and services that Fisher Price offers to its customers. See playtime in a new light and let your bundles of joy play their hearts out with Fisher Price toys!

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Enrich your child’s playtime and develop their Play IQ

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, did you know that babies learn and develop a wide range of important skills when they play? The more they play, the more they learn! When babies are playing, they are also developing their Play IQ. Babies are learning about the world around them and developing a wide range of important skills through their playtime.

Your babies are actually developing their Physical, Cognitive and Social & Emotional skills when playing with toys. Fisher-Price features a wonderful line of baby toys to keep your baby engaged and entertained, helping them discover and grow and imagine at every stage of their development. Fisher-Price has been enchanting children since 1930. Over the years, the brand’s selection of Arts & Crafts, Baby Toys, Bikes, Books and much more have become the staple for the growth and development of many childhood around the world. Fisher-Price was formed to make childhood fun and enriching for both parents as well, helping them build skills that will last a lifetime.

Discover the power of play with Fisher Price and share the joy of learning with your child!

Play IQ

Physical Play IQ

With the right toys, babies can learn to reach out, brag, get up and move, which develops their physical strength, coordination and confidence.

Cognitive Play IQ

Toys that encourage your little ones to feel, listen, touch and learn through play, which stimulates their natural curiosity and love of learning, also building their creativity and intelligence.

Social & Emotional Play IQ

Toys that encourage your child to share and express themselves during play, whereby playing with other children can help in the development of leadership and social skills, preparing them for pre-school education.

Innovative and convenient babygear solutions

Motherhood and fatherhood can be both a very exciting and demanding journey for many people. From toys to babygear, Fisher-Price is the go-to brand for today's families and parents always appreciate the brand’s innovations and make childcare a more convenient task as parents can rely on the brand’s innovative babygear solutions.

Besides its broad range of engaging and educational toys and products, Fisher Price also offers babygear solutions like swings, high chairs, boosters, bouncers and rockers in efficient designs that allow for easy storage and transportation. Parents always strive to adjust their daily routines to better provide for their child’s needs and healthy development. A baby helps parents to focus on the importance of being together as a family for a parent’s love for their own children can never be measured. Therefore, using the right tools from Fisher Price can definitely help make your parenthood journey easier and more beneficial for your children.

First interactions and time are essential for your child’s development

Babies start to learn about their power to change their environment from their first interactions with mom and dad. When your baby cries and you respond by comforting and holding, your baby learns that the world is filled with trust. When your baby cries and you respond by offering a breast or the bottle, baby learns that needs will be fulfilled. Your baby also learns about the ability to affect those around us.

A baby's smile will often prompt people around to smile back or lean down to give him/her hug. In this process, babies learned more about cause and effect. More forms of communication between child and parent will create a more positive outcome if more time is spent with your child. Parents will also create more opportunities to help their babies to learn about their surroundings.

Interaction with toys, tools and people will teach your babies about the surrounding environment. Showing your baby that some things can be 'affected' by his actions, while other things refuse to budge, is a powerful lesson for your child. Parents can be rest assured with Fisher Price toys and babygear that are made of safe materials and are designed to be suitable for different age groups of children.

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