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They say that as time goes on, it eases everything. It really does when time comes in the form of a beautiful and elegant watch gracing your wrist. Even in the past, timepieces that a man carries symbolises his class and his status in the society. Now, these watches are not only adorned for its functionality but to be a fashion statement by itself too. Fjord, founded by a Norwegian watchmaker Rune Bruvik, provides us a line of elegantly crafted timepieces that expresses the rustic Scandinavian wild and the busy city life of Norway.This brand represents poise individuals who are ready to leap into new adventures awaiting them.

Fjord Hong Kong Prices

Due to wide range of accessories including their well-known wrist candies, the prices differ according to the complexity of the design and the expert craftsmanship of each product. The price of these accessories may be on the higher scale, but you are paying for a lifetime investment for each timepiece comes with a lifetime warranty.

About Fjord Hong Kong

Getting the inspiration from the undeveloped, majestic landscape of the Scandinavian wilderness, these timepieces symbolises the blending of light and day, the magical shapes and colours that harmonizes into the scenery that is found in this forgotten part of the world. At Fjord, rather than focusing on the mechanism aspects of the watches, they focus on the blending of nature into the characteristics of their timepieces. Wearing a Fjord watch, you are carrying a piece of Norway with you.

Fjord Social Media

Other than their official website, Fjord uses all forms of social media to keep their customers updated on their latest news and collections. Do check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.