With true quality craftsmanship and versatile designs, Furla provides customers with handbags and leather accessories that exudes true class. From its fun candy bags to genuine leather handbags, Furla bags give you a true luxury living. Always look classy and accessorize all your outfits with Furla.

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Furla Bag: Luxury Leather Goods Made in Italy

Headquartered in Bologna, Italy Furla is a true Italian brand that is still managed by the still maintains family ownership combined with a strong managerial company structure. The Furlanetto family has been managing the Furla brand since it was founded in 1927 and has established a name for itself across the globe. A pioneering leader in the international leather goods and accessories market, Furla’s design philosophy is based on advanced leather making techniques while keeping to its traditional Italian methods of art and design. A Furla bag is deemed as functional and timeless as the brand’s line of bags exudes elegance in a series of fresh colours.

Furla bags are made with the best materials by craftsman with true bag making artisanship. Based on the foundation of Italian principles of durability, design and quality, Furla bags capture beauty and sophistication in simple shapes, rich textures and saturated colours. Furla handbags have also become part of an incomparable luxury item with its luxurious natural fabrics and glossy details. Bag lovers will instantly fall for Furla as it is impossible not to be captured by the accessibly priced Italian accessory’s beauty.

Furla’s Profound Effect in the Fashion Market

Since its inception in 1927, Furla has made bag into more than being just a bag. Furla inspired by the beauty of colours has manufactured bags that showcase the different style of colours. In Furla’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection, graphics, art and fashion collaborated for a series of Furla bags. Bag lovers and collectors alike reviewed the collection as elegant, eye-catching and upbeat. Among the highlighted bags are the Mini Candy Bag, the Furla Spy Backpack, Furla Twist Bag, and the Furla Alice Tote.

The Mini Candy Bag was not only fun-sized, highly functional to keep all your essentials in its many inner compartments and waterproof, but also versatile and easy for mixing and matching with any of your daily wear. A definite must-have for fashionistas and the active entrepreneurial women.

Frequently Asked Questions about Furla HK

Is Furla a good bag?

Furla bags impress with their high quality and their modern design. And best of all, they are affordable, in contrast to many other designer pieces.

Where is Furla bag from?

Furla is one of the brands that still takes the concept of made in Italy very seriously. All Furla products are still crafted in Bologna, Italy.

How do I know if my Furla is real?

Furla handbags are some of the most premium and desired bags on the market. Fashion-forward, classy and timeless, these bags are not only an accessory but an investment. By ensuring your bag is a legitimate designer piece, you guarantee resale value and save yourself from overspending on an imitation.

Note the details of the stitching, like colour and thickness, and the placement of identification tags and the serial numbers, which should appear on the reverse side; you can check the dust bag as well. If you are not able to locate a retail store, check the Furla official website for authentic luxury bags.

Does Furla use real leather?

Yes, Furla bags are made of real leather. Furla uses leather only from Italy as a means to keep the quality of its bags in check.

How do you clean a Furla bag?

It is recommended to use Furla Waterguard. Remove any dust or dirt from the surface of the leather, hold the leather waterproofing spray approx. 30cm away from the product and apply evenly. Once the spray is dry, dry wipe the product with a clean, soft cloth.

Are Furla bags real leather?

Furla uses leather only from Italy as a means to keep the quality of its bags in check. Each uncut sheet of leather will be trimmed either by hand using a metal cutting mould that is exclusively created for each design; or via a laser machine that is speedier.

Is Furla ethical?

Yes, Furla does support ethical practices. You can find additional information about Furla’s ethical practices on their customer service page.

Where are Furla bags made?

Furla bags are all made in Italy.