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The true luxuriousness of Furla Handbags

All of us fashion followers have never been tired of the beauty of Furla. This Italian born brand inherits the essence of the world’s fashion capital from impeccable craftsmanship to unbeatable sense of style. Furla handbags are everything a woman dreams about when it comes to the luxurious side of life.

The best Furla handbag collections in Hong Kong

Since 1927, Furla has introduced to the world countless of iconic handbags. With brilliant designs influenced by the royal style of the Italians, Furla handbags possess a unique touch of colour spectrum, on top of that is the meticulous embellishments on every product.

Leather goods take up a large portion of Furla’s best-selling handbags. The Furla Selene, Furla Aura, Furla Liz are the top three Furla ‘starter packs’. Selene offers the ladies that classic look with seamless designs, petite and extra elegant. If you prefer a big sized handbag with outstanding colours, the Aura collection is the ultimate choice. It offers the trending minimalistic design to add chic to your style effortlessly. The Liz collection, on the other hand, is extremely stylish for the true boho girl with soft leather material and classic top handle design.

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With a wide range of designs, Furla can easily satisfy every lady no matter what they are looking for. Achieve the everlasting stylish look with Furla handbag from only RM1000, 100% authenticity guaranteed. Click here to learn more about the brand Furla.

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Furla Handbags in Hong Kong: Gotta Get That Furla Feeling

Furla Handbag Collections in Hong Kong

What sets Furla Handbags apart from their competitors and other handbags is the keen sense of stitching detail. Getting the know-how and expertise of time-honored techniques on exclusive, prized leather, followed by special tanning processes and meticulous details, and with the support of modern technology have made the leather goods that are Furla Handbags different and fulfilling of the need of form and function of a fashion item.

Below is a list of Furla Handbags that you can get your hands on:

The Furla Fantasia Handbag is your everyday basic tote that exudes an interesting and practical shape that is easy to carry around, a great addition to your daily outfit thanks to the vibrant, lively, and fresh colors.

The Furla Stacy Handbag is made to perfectly tailor those who love the casual style due to its back-to-basic design with particular closing details. You are granted with 2 types of options; to wear it closed for a more striking design or you could wear it loose for a large-tote look.

The Furla Yo-Yo Handbag is a featured cross-body bag designed to look and feel fun. With the design coming in colorful and contemporary, it’s the absolute perfect handbag to carry on a day out with your girlfriends.

The Furla Dama Handbag features intelligent design that includes it being a reversible tote, using the ring that comes with it as a keyring or charm, sturdy and capacious, and coming in with a set of vibrant designs and colors.

The Furla Linda Handbag grants you the feeling of Summer anywhere and anytime! Its satchel-like design coupled with its variety of enticing colors to bring the sunshine out of you.

The Furla Candy Handbag signifies the introduction of soft PVC with heat embossed logo and contrast handles and details. Perfect for a day out with your girlfriends due to its high-impact explosion of character and the zing of playful glamour with an assortment of fun colors.

The Furla Piper Handbag is the perfect choice for those on-the-go and who like to keep their things in classy and sophisticated-looking handbag. If you’re going for that feisty reporter look, then the Piper Handbag is just the right choice for you.

The Furla Artesia Handbag features Furla’s iconic style and sophisticated silhouette. The Artesia is crafted from premium leather through traditional craftsmanship, allowing the designing to exude geometric shapes on the sides.

We’ve Got a Feeling, A Furla Feeling

With celebrities like Bonnie Strange and Lua Perez taking the limelight as the brand ambassadors of Furla, you can expect only sophistication and style in the handbags that carry the Furla name. These handbags are considered to be a contemporary and joyful Italian lifestyle and fashion choice. Carry the Italian flair and feeling through these handbags and exude the Furla Feeling within you.

If these kinds of bags tickle your fancy, you can also check out other handbag brands like Michael Kors, Deuter, and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

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