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Enjoy one of the most powerful gaming consoles in the world from PlayStation. With a ton of great accessories such as the PlayStation DualShock 4 controller as well as the PlayStation Camera, you can take your gaming experiences with the PlayStation consoles to an entirely new level. Click here to find out other great gaming PlayStation products!

Prices updated on 23 Jun 2017

PlayStation Gaming Products Hong Kong

The Sony PlayStation brand has been one of the greatest video gaming brands of all time. With a strong following since the first inception of the original PlayStation 1 console, the PlayStation brand has expanded a lot. PlayStation is also the first video game console brand to have a VR feature and VR headset for immersive virtual reality gaming. Want to play some great games? Look no further than PlayStation gaming products.

The PlayStation Consoles

The main product of the PlayStation brand is none other than the great video game consoles itself. Starting with the original, the PlayStation 1, Sony’s PlayStation brand set a standard in the world of video game consoles. They are the first to offer 3D graphics in the gaming industry during that era. The following PlayStation video game consoles also continued set the standard as the go-to video game console for the console market.

PlayStation also offers handheld console devices for those who prefer to play their video games on the go without needing to be tethered to a TV set at home. The first handheld PlayStation console was the aptly named PlayStation Portable (PSP), the second named the PSP Go – which didn’t do so well – and the third, the PlayStation Vita with its incredible hardware all around.

PlayStation Controllers

The PlayStation controllers are known as DualShock controllers, because of the inclusion of two vibrating ‘rumble’ motors located in each of the grips in a controller. The vibration motor in DualShock controllers allowed gamers to feel in-game actions through the haptic feedback on their controllers, making the games feel a little bit more immersive. The DualShock controllers are often lauded for their exceptional comfort and user-friendly layout. The DualShock 4 controller even has compatibility with Windows computers, allowing gamers to use the controllers to play video games on their computers with no problems.

PlayStation Accessories

Like a lot of other electronical products, PlayStation products have a lot of different accessories. Accessories for the consoles are usually in the form of an extension cooling fans for the internals of the consoles during an intense gaming sessions and stands to put the consoles upright (something the PlayStation is capable of doing) instead of sitting flat on a surface. There are also protective cases and sleeves for PlayStation controllers to protect them from drops and scuffs.

Not all PlayStation accessories are for aesthetics or protection purposes however, there is also the PlayStation VR headset and the PlayStation Camera which lets you get into immersive virtual reality gaming, stream your gameplay online, or having them both work together to deliver an exceptional gaming experience. If you want to play video games, you get PlayStation.

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