If you’re both a fitness fan and a smartwatch enthusiast, you might be familiar with Garmin, which designs a variety of wearables that cater to both the smartwatch and fitness crowds. Learn more about Garmin HK watches below.

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Garmin Forerunner 235 HK$ 1,313.25 Amazon
Garmin Fenix 5X Plus HK$ 3,652.16 Amazon
Garmin Fenix 6 HK$ 786.99 NewEgg
Garmin Vivoactive 4S HK$ 3,100.52 watchshopping
Garmin Swim HK$ 888.31 NewEgg
Garmin Vivoactive HK$ 793.79 Amazon
Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera HK$ 225.58 NewEgg
GARMIN DriveSmart 61 LMT-S HK$ 249.99 NewEgg
Garmin vivoactive HR Charging Clip HK$ 18.40 NewEgg
Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Black Band HK$ 3,652.16 Amazon
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Garmin Garmin Forerunner 235

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Garmin Hong Kong- Technology That Touches Lives

When it comes to precise navigation, Garmin is the name that is synonymous with being the leading pioneer in GPS technology. From the humble yet potent handheld GPS devices to those mounted in the vehicles, Garmin has already got everything covered for your navigation needs.

Garmin Hong Kong Gives You The Best Value & Support

Garmin designs, builds and produces products based on a simple premise that technological solutions are an integral part of everyday life. The five markets that have the presence of Garmin are automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness.

In order to provide support and improve the daily lives of its customers, Garmin operates several Garmin sites that will provide support services to its customers:

  • myGarmin - for GPS device map downloads and updates
  • Garmin Connect - for sports and fitness watch holders to connect and interact
  • flyGarmin – for aviation database purchases and updates
  • Garmin Adventures – for adventurers to post their latest exploration and exchange experiences with fellow explores
  • Connect IQ – for the personalized setting of your Garmin gadget

In other words, you can rest assured that Garmin is always dedicated and actively making their products better and more reliable than ever before. This coupled with the fact that Garmin products are extremely affordable as they offer an accurate navigation guidance system that works well when compared with other brands in the market.

Garmin Hong Kong Hangs Out with The Finest & Toughest Daredevils

Garmin International has announced that a partnering sponsorship deal with Red Bull has again been formed for the world’s toughest adventure race called the Red Bull X-Alps adventure race. As the official partner, Garmin will be supplying GPS handhelds, GPS watches and action cameras for the 1,000km race.

The Red Bull X-Alps race will definitely test the limits of some of the world’s top adventurers as well as Garmin’s amazing gears as the participants will be filming their journeys with the Garmin Virb Action Camera. Garmin gears are made to withstand extreme, adverse conditions and they will be accompanying these daredevils on their tough journey. Undoubtedly, Garmin products are definitely durable and built to last!

Garmin Hong Kong- Navigation Made Simple

Garmin introduced its newest Vivo series gadget called the Garmin Vivoactive, a hybrid watch for both sports and tech enthusiasts. The Vivoactive has an impressive battery life of 3 weeks in watch/activity tracking mode or up to 10 hours using GPS, two key features that hikers, explorers, and runners require to better pursue their journeys. With a slim 8mm body and weighing around 40g, this sporty all-rounder also features a colour LCD touch screen that will be easily readable in direct sunlight.

Built to help you monitor and track your runs, golf games, swims, cycling routes and your overall fitness progress with simple sync via Bluetooth with the Garmin Connect mobile app. The Vivoactive is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices and it is also waterproof with a 5 ATM rating so you can wear it all day even during showers and swims to keep track of all your activities at all times around the clock!

Garmin Hong Kong- Globally Positioned For Your Needs

There will be more than 310 products from Garmin including their ever-popular Vivofit Fitness Band that brings you at the top of your game when it comes to monitoring your personal fitness as well as the affordable Garmin Nuvi 42LM GPS Navigator that will help guide your way and arrive at your destination on time without wasting valuable time in taking wrong or longer route.

Many people did not realise that the GPS system is going to be a big part of our lives as we do not just need GPS solely for navigation. Thanks to creativity and innovation brought by Garmin, you can now:

  • Enjoy cycling like never before as you can accurately follow your route as planned while downloading new maps for cycling that you can get from the online cycling community!
  • Push your limit in hiking as your handheld GPS device faithfully allows you to follow your waypoints that you have set with great accuracy even during heavy cloud cover or under dense jungle canopy!
  • Track your dog without any worries as Garmin has either a harness or collar for your dog to be outfitted with a durable tracking device!

Garmin Hong Kong boasts a diverse array of products for your navigational needs in casual, adventure, work and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions about Garmin香港

Which Garmin watch is the best?

Best Overall: Garmin Vivoactive 4

The Vivoactive 4 is one of the latest Garmin smartwatches to hit the market and it’s packed with features. You’ll have your pick between two sizes: 45mm and 40mm. The larger model gives you an extra day of battery life of 8 days. You’ll have all the essentials, like built-in GPS, smartphone notifications, Garmin Pay, and 5 ATM water resistance. It includes many of the same workouts: strength, cardio, and elliptical training as well as stair-stepping, floor climbing, indoor rowing, and yoga. The new feature includes a Pulse Ox sensor that tracks blood oxygen saturation levels and respiration tracking that monitors the number of breaths per minute. As a result, you’ll have more insightful sleep data.

The new Body Battery lets you check your energy levels during the day by gathering data from heart rate variability (HRV), stress, sleep, and activity. It’ll help you schedule your workouts and rest periods at optimal times.


  • Built-in GPS with great tracking features
  • 5 ATM water resistance
  • Garmin Pay
  • Music storage
  • Good battery life
  • New Pulse Ox sensor


  • Hefty price tag
  • 45mm has fewer colour options
  • Lackluster display

Can you text using your Garmin watch?

Android phones allow for compatible Garmin watches to send replies to text messages and incoming call notifications. Note: This feature sends text messages using your phone Regular text message limits and charges from your carrier and phone plan may apply.

Are Garmin watches waterproof?

All of Garmin’s watches have some sort of water-resistant rating and most of them are able to handle swimming. Garmin uses a few different labels to let you know just what kind of underwater activities are suitable for its products (which includes trackers). Garmin has a very simple chart that explains all the different classifications:


Suitable For

Unsuitable For


  • Splashes
  • Rain or snow
  • Showering
  • Swimming
  • Diving into water
  • Snorkelling or Scuba Diving
  • High-speed watersports

Swim, 5 ATM

  • Splashes
  • Rain or snow
  • Showering
  • Swimming
  • Diving into water
  • Snorkelling
  • Scuba Diving
  • High-speed watersports

Water Sports, 10 ATM

  • Splashes
  • Rain or snow
  • Showering
  • Swimming
  • Diving into water
  • Snorkelling
  • High-speed watersports
  • Scuba Diving

Dive (Designed to comply with EN13319)

  • Splashes
  • Rain or snow
  • Showering
  • Swimming
  • Diving into water
  • Snorkelling
  • High-speed watersports
  • Scuba Diving
  • Any activity that exceeds the rated pressure of the device.

The chart details exactly what Garmin has said is suitable for its devices. So for example, the Vivosmart HR is rated at 5 ATM, meaning it can handle showering, swimming, or getting splashed on, but it can’t handle high-speed watersports. If you do a lot of watersports or exercising in the pool, make sure you pick the Garmin tracker that’s right for you.

Does Garmin 945 have touch screen?

While the Forerunner 945 doesn’t have a touch screen - few or Garmin’s devices do, it has Garmin’s standard five-button design to make it easy to operate during a run. Using the Garmin app on Android of iOS, you can download and install a variety of third-party watch faces and apps. It’s nowhere near as robust as the Apple Watch app store, but it does allow for some customization.

How long is Garmin warranty?

Garmin’s non-aviation products are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Within this period, Garmin will, at its sole option, repair or replace any components that fail in normal use.

Is Garmin watch better than Apple Watch?

To put it as simply as possible, Apple Watch is a great smartwatch that is also very useful for people looking to get fit. For getting a snapshot of your fitness and doing basic tracking of your activities, it’s better than the Garmin. It’s also more stylish and a better all-round watch, of course.