Geox is an Italian brand that produces shoes and clothing manufactured with waterproof and breathable fabric so you can walk comfortably. Learn more about Geox HK below.

Where is Geox from? | Are Geox shoes waterproof? | Are Geox leather shoes breathable?

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Geox Footwear Lace-Up Shoes HK$ 1,159.52 Yoox
Geox Footwear Lace-Up Shoes HK$ 1,159.52 Yoox
Geox Footwear Lace-Up Shoes HK$ 1,167.30 Yoox
Geox Footwear Lace-Up Shoes HK$ 1,159.52 Yoox
Geox Footwear Lace-Up Shoes HK$ 1,120.61 Yoox
Geox Footwear Lace-Up Shoes HK$ 1,120.61 Yoox
Geox Footwear Lace-Up Shoes HK$ 264.59 Yoox
Geox Footwear Lace-Up Shoes HK$ 1,120.61 Yoox
Geox Footwear Lace-Up Shoes HK$ 848.24 Yoox
geox Laceup Shoes HK$ 1,397.00 Farfetch
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Geox Footwear Lace-Up Shoes

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10 Best Geox Shoes For the Whole Family

The combination of hot weather, friction and bare skin too often results in summer footwear that’s all about comfort- but not nearly enough about style. But no more, Geox has a line of quality, breathable shoes that will help keep the feet of the whole family cool, in every sense of the word.

For Kids


With suede for style and canvas for aeration, these old-school trainers also have that holy grail of convenience: double Velcro fastening. The vulcanised sole keeps little feet grounded, while the decorative stitching means these look more interesting than your average pair.


Every parent of school-age children has heard the plaintive cry, “It’s too hot to wear these shoes!” Well, here’s your answer: robust calfskin with a solid Velcro closure and with a breathable technical membrane on the inside.


Do you have a super-sporty child? If so, you must be tired of super-sweaty sneakers. These might help. Made from high-tech, breathable fabric with a white leather trim and Velcro fastenings, they also have tiny impact-controlled lights embedded in the rubber sole.


Indulge the little princess in your life with these comfy, heart-design trainers, complete with little lights that brighten each step. The sparkly, breathable fabric is a sweet touch too.


With their gathered calfskin design and patent detailing on the toes, these are a smart but practical option for those occasions when trainers won’t do. The patented Geox rubber soles mean natural thermoregulation for tootsies- so there’s no compromise on comfort.

For Women


If you’re after a pop of colour on your feet for summer, these turquoise leather numbers are a smart choice. The luxe detailing-patent toes and metal-tipped bows- making these a cut above other ballet flats, and with their patented Geox rubber soles, feel will still feel comfortable in the heat.


Want a bit of a summer lift? The 70s-inspired suede heels are everywhere and these ones, available in beige or black, tick all the right fashion boxes, while the rubber sole ensures they’re more stable than some styles out there.


Metallics look great with a tan. The clever thing about these bejewelled sandals is that they manage to look really glam but the cork soles are super comfy and perfect for holiday wear.

For Men


Laceless sneakers are everywhere at the moment and these suede ones are seriously practical and versatile. They’re lightweight, breathable and you can even flip down the back of the shoe to wear it like a slipper.


These retro-looking sliders are holiday classics. The woven leather bands make them more secure than flip flops and Geox’s patented rubber sole both grips floor surfaces and cushions your feet.

Where is Geox from?

Geox was founded in by Mario Polegato in Montebelluna in Italy. The brand name, Geox, was created from a mixture between the Greek word “geo (earth), and “x”, a letter-element symbolizing technology.

Are Geox shoes waterproof?

Yes, all of Geox shoes are made with technology that makes the shoe waterproof. Most of the rubber outsoles are inserted with a special waterproof and breathable membrane inside, allowing the feet to breathe while preventing water from entering the shoe.

Are Geox leather shoes breathable?

Geox research has found an innovative way to make a naturally breathable material like leather waterproof. They use a special breathable waterproof membrane inside the leather outsole, so the foot stays dry all they long. The true benefit is that you can wear your Geox shoes in any situation, even when it’s raining.