Not everyone is born with pin-straight hair, but even if your hair is super curly, a good hair straightener like GHD can give you the sleek look you want to achieve. Read more about GHD HK below.

Which GHD straightener is the best? | Can GHD be used in wet hair? | How long do GHD straighteners last?

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The Best GHD HK Beauty Hair Straighteners

If you want to achieve sleek, pin-straight hair, a high-quality hair straightener should be in your beauty arsenal. A hair straightener, also known as a flat iron, smooths the follicle of your hair between two heated plates. Some hair straighteners can even do double duty, creating loose waves and curls without the frizz. When choosing the best hair straightener to get those shampoo commercial-worthy locks, there are several things to consider to make sure you’ll get the best style result.

Your hair type should be the first thing you consider before purchasing a hair straightener to make sure you’re buying one that will give you the best results. Here are some of the best GHD hair irons:

GHD Platinum+ Pro

GHD is a favourite among celebrity hair stylists because of its reliability and shiny, frizz-free results. The Platinum+ Pro Performance Styler makes it possible for you to achieve shiny and frizz-free results at home, so you can feel red carpet ready even if you’re just grabbing coffee with friends. Operating at an even 185°C, this is the optimal temperature for most hair types, getting you smooth results without damaging your hair. The 1-inch plates heat up quickly and maintain an even temperature, eliminating the chance for any hair damaging hot spots as well.

GHD IV Original Styler

You can’t go wrong with an original, the Original IV uses floating plates and a rounded barrier to style hair easily. You can even create curls or waves with this straightener! Like all other GHD flat iron, it goes up to a maximum temperature of 185°C, which the brand believes is the optimal temperature that won’t damage hair. It also has an automatic shut down feature to ensure that you don’t cause any accidents if you leave them on and forget about them (they go into automatic sleep mode if not used for 30 minutes.)

GHD Max Styler

The GHD Max Styler has all of the benefits of the Original IV, and then some. The extra-wide 2-inch styling plates make it a favourite amongst customers who have thick, coarse, curly and long hair. The Max Styler comes complete with ceramic heat technology, ensuring a consistent and even optimum temperature throughout your style.

Frequently Asked Questions about GHD Hong Kong

Which GHD straightener is the best?

The best GHD straightener will depend on the hair type you have and the style you’re looking to achieve. Some might be better suited to thick hair while others might be perfect for women with thin or damaged hair. That being said, GHD’s first revolutionary hair straightener, the GHD Original IV Styler, is still considered an ultimate classic and is the perfect buy if you’re new to the brand.

Can GHD be used in wet hair?

It is not advisable to use GHD when your hair is still wet. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you use any GHD products.

How long do GHD straighteners last?

GHD products last very long if you look after them. Most of them come with a two to three-year warranty but it's a good idea to clean them on a regular basis, especially if you're using styling products. Just make sure they are switched off and completely cool. Then wipe the plates clean with a damp cloth to remove any dust or residue.

What is the difference between GHD Gold and Platinum?

They both offer the warm-up time and constant 365F heat, but the Platinum styler takes it further. The internal heat monitor adjusts to the thickness of your hair, and the speed you run it through your hair. This ensures that your hair is styled how you want from the start. The GHD Gold has a pin hinge while the Platinum offers a wishbone hinge instead. Both offer the snag-free swivel cord and built-in heat guards that turn off after 30 minutes. One noticeable feature on the Platinum model is a little speaker built-in next to the On switch.

What does it mean when GHD flash red?

It’s normal for a GHD straightener to flash solid red as soon as you turn the switch on. It will then beep and start flashing as soon as it’s hot and this tells you that it’s ready for use.

What are GHD plates made of?

As with GHD IV stylers, the plates are made of aluminium because it has powerful heat conducting properties - four times better than steel. The aluminium is coated with a thin layer of an advanced ceramic coating, which helps the plates glide smoothly through the hair and leaves hair looking shiny. The combination of the excellent heat properties of aluminium and the smoothing properties of the thin ceramic coating gives you the great styling results you expect from GHD.