Look sleek and sexy with Gillette Hong Kong products. A line of razors, shave gels, facial wash and trimmers help you to customize your look. Men, the ladies love a smooth face to kiss. Ladies, get that soft, smooth legs with Gillette Hong Kong's line of feminine shavers and moisturisers. Learn more about Gillette Hong Kong here


Gillette Hong Kong for a smooth, sexy shave

The best a man can get!

The right grooming can make or break a man. As the most popular brand of shaving products in the world, Gillette knows this for a fact. That’s why only the best quality of Gillette shavers, shaving gels, shaving foams and trimmers are made and sold throughout the world. Now with Gillette Hong Kong, you can get the precision shave you need to look sleek, clean and feel confident. For women, try the Gillette Venus for a feminine feel. Bring out your womanly charm with a smooth shave. Whatever look you’re going for, you’ll get the upper hand by looking sharp with Gillette Hong Kong.  

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The History of Gillette shavers

For over a hundred years, Gillette has perfected the art of making shavers. In 1900, King C. Gillette, the founder of Gillette made the first of the merchandise that would revolutionize the looks of men all over the world. In 1971 the Gillette Trac II was produced. This razor was the first of its kind to have dual blades. The Gillette Atra/Contour system was released in 1977 with the ability to follow the contour of the face thanks to a pivoting head. In 1990 Gillette Sensor comes out with a highly responsive spring system that automatically adjusts to the shape of your face. The Gillette MACH 3 came out in 1998. The MACH 3 was the first of its kind to have 3 blades for a closer shave. Subsequently, in 2004, the M3 Power was out and in 2006 the series of Gillette Fusion razors were out. The latest of the Gillette series, the Gillette Fusion Proglide with FlexiBall and the Gillette Fusion ProShield both came out in 2014 and 2015 respectively. These have unparalleled technology upgrades in the field of manscaping and grooming.

Taking manscaping to the next level with Gillette Hong Kong

Gillette Hong Kong brings the best in shaving gear both for men and women. For men, take your manscaping needs to the next level with state-of-the-art razor technology. Protect your skin and hydrate while getting the clean shave. Get the smooth look your girl will drool over. For the ladies, the Venus line of grooming products will bring out your feminine side, allowing you to get closer to anyone without feeling anxious. If you're not sure where to start, you can take a look at Gillette Health & Beauty products to get started. Here are some of Gillette’s finest line of products from Gillette Hong Kong.

Gillette MACH 3

Gillette’s revolutionary 3-blade razor was named MACH 3. This series comes in the legendary Gillette colours. The first of its kind to have a tilting head for a better reach around tough areas, MACH 3 is customized for a closer shave. Get that glossy shine with the comfort gel strip. The gel strip also indicates if the blade is past the expiry usage – when the strip turns white, it’s time to go! MACH 3 series also comes in disposable variants so you can use them on the go. Here are some variants of the MACH 3 series:


Gillette Pro Glide

Carrying on the tradition of multiple blades and a tilting head, Gillette Pro Glide series goes a step further in shaving technology. From a simple tilting mechanism, the evolution of Gillette shavers brings a rotating head for a smooth single-shave motion to cover a large area of the face. The FlexiBall feature in each Pro Glide shaver enables the head to rotate 180 degrees while smoothing out the contour of the face. The Pro Glide series also has a multipurpose trimmer to get to the longer hair. This trimmer was also made for other parts of the body like the chest, armpits and groin area. No more painful shaving with a razor. Just use the trimmer and follow the Gillette tutorials available online. Gillette Pro Glide trimmers have 3 settings for hair trimming and one setting for a close shave. This way, you can customize your look with minimal effort.  

Gillette Venus

Ladies, don’t worry! Gillette has some goodies for you too! The Venus selection of Gillette products will help you get the sexy look you want. Gillette Venus refillable razors, disposable razors and shave gels are customizable to suit your daily hustle of life. Venus refillable razors come with a moisturising lotion or cream. You can even get the Venus & Olay razors that helps restore your skins moisture with Olay cream after each shave. Much like the FlexiBall feature in the men's Pro Glide series, Gillette Venus has a razor that can rotate its head 180 degrees - the Venus Swirl. There are also Bikini trimmers for easy maintenance of the bikini area. when travelling, carry along your Venus disposable razors like the Venus Tropical Disposable razor. Simple and cheap to purchase, these tools will be your trusted friend when on the move.

Get the look you want with Gillette Hong Kong

Now that you know about Gillette’s awesome line of products, you can choose from a variety of tools that suite your lifestyle. Shopping online is the best way to get Gillette products. Gillette Hong Kong has all the products you need to get the look you want. Whether you’re manscaping or getting smooth sexy legs for the dinner tonight, you’ll find what you need with Gillette Hong Kong.