Awake your senses with Giorgio Armani perfumes and fragrances in Hong Kong. Bring class and finesse into smelling great. Luxury is just one spray away with Giorgio Armani perfumes. Browse from hand-picked selections below or find out more here.

Giorgio Armani
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Invoke sensuality with Giorgio Armani perfumes and fragrances in Hong Kong

Bring olfactory senses to life with Giorgio Armani Eau De Parfum and Eau De Toilette lines of fragrances. Made to arouse the senses, these perfumes invoke innate desire from the opposite sex to discover new passions. Awake curiosity. Let your senses play. Be the breath of fresh air in the room with Giorgio Armani perfumes. Fragrances to invoke sensations of pleasure and heights of luxury to enrich your life. Take a trip to beauty avenue and pamper yourself with the best from Giorgio Armani perfumes in Hong Kong. Browse the fragrances above or find out more through the links below.

Giorgio Armani Perfume Collections

From top-end fashion to fragrances and jewellery, Giorgio Armani has a following of epic proportions. This name needs no introduction. Hailing from Italy, this fashion mogul creates timeless masterpieces for all ages, genders, cultures and people of all shapes and sizes. More recently, Giorgio Armani has extended its perfume line to bring the best in scents in Hong Kong. Giorgio Armani perfume for men presents a range of exquisite fragrances for him. Giorgio Armani perfume for women brings a selection of lush scents for her.

As a butterfly breaks out of its cocoon during moulting, complete your transformation with the fragrances of Giorgio Armani perfumes.

Giorgio Armani perfumes for HIM

Fresh scents made for the essence of manly fragrance comes to us in the form of Giorgio Armani perfumes. A selection of woody, masculine and dominant flavours to choose from, Giorgio Armani men’s selection of perfumes bring out the alpha male in every man. Take your pick from all these Giorgio Armani collections:

  • Acqua Di Gio
  • Armani Code
  • Eaux Pour Homme
  • Armani Mania
  • Attitude
  • Emporio Armani He
  • Emporio Armani Diamonds Men

Giorgio Armani perfumes for HER

Accentuate feminine beauty with Giorgio Armani perfumes for women. Designed for maximum sensuality and attraction of the male species, the Giorgio Armani collection for women accompanies you for any occasion. Bring the attention towards you with a dose of any of these collections below:

  • Si
  • Acqua Di Gioia
  • Armani Code Women
  • Armani Mania Women
  • Emporio Armani She
  • Emporio Armani Diamonds Women
  • Idole
  • Onde

For any occasion - Giorgio Armani Perfumes

There comes a time when everyone needs perfumes. Smelling good is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Take fragrance to another level with Giorgio Armani Perfumes. These classy perfumes go a long way and we’re going to show you how you can maximise its capabilities in any situation. Here are some ways you could use Giorgio Armani Perfumes:

  • As a gift to your loved ones
  • To wear on your special date
  • To get attention when in a crowd
  • As an ‘emergency’ spray when you feel a little musty
  • To feel classy and elegant

No matter you taste on fragrances, you’ll definitely bring your standard one-up with Giorgio Armani Perfumes. Now available online, Giorgio Armani perfumes in Hong Kong are at the forefront of fragrance exclusivity and class. Shop online and help yourself to a wide variety of Giorgio Armani’s selection of perfumes. Happy shopping!