Google is known in Hong Kong and throughout the world for being one of the most used search engines in the world. Besides offering a comprehensive and reliable search engine and other services, Google also produces innovative products that improve one’s life. Learn more about Google Hong Kong below.

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Google Google Pixel 3

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Innovative Google Com HK Products that Every Hong Kong Techie Should Know About

Undeniably one of the most well-known brands around the world today, Google has always provided innovative solutions and services to people all around the world. Amongst Google’s most noteworthy products today include useful apps such as Gmail, one of the most reliable e-mail platforms, Google Chrome, one of the most used web browser used around the world today, Google Maps and Google Drive.

Google is also known as the front runner when it comes to adopting advanced technology. Google keeps abreast with the ever-developing technological world to create revolutionary products to make life easier for you. Although Google is mostly accredited for its software offerings, its hardware products are also impressive. Amongst Google’s physical products that Google offers to its consumers include the following:

Google Pixel

The global mobile industry is one of the most competitive yet lucrative businesses in this modern era. Jumping on the bandwagon is Google, introducing their very own smartphone known as Google Pixel. Made by Google themselves, this smartphone is the first-ever to feature a built-in Google Assistant application. This means that users are able to utilize Google’s well-loved Google Assistant’s capabilities to the full extent on this smartphone to complement their everyday routines. You can use this Google phone to get important updates to determine the course of your days such as weather reports, traffic statuses, as well as upcoming schedules and appointments. Other useful functions also include checking if your favourite restaurant is open or whether your favourite singers are on tour.

Besides being installed with Google Assistant, Google Pixel also boasts other impressive features that give the big boys in the industry a run for their money, such as improved battery life, responsive fingerprint sensor with Pixel Imprint, and an AMOLED display screen. However, the camera is the main element that enabled the phone to be commended by tech experts. The camera on this phone is given a DxOMark Mobile score of 89, making it one of the highest-rated smartphone cameras to date. Google Pixel houses a 12MP rear camera that enables users to snap sharp and crisp photos in all lighting conditions thanks to its f/2.0 aperture. Not a bad achievement for a company that is not particularly known for its smartphones.

Google Chromecast

Another gadget that Google offers to the locals is the Google Chromecast. The Chromecast is a media streaming device that you can plug into the HDMI port on your TV which enables you to stream your favourite TV dramas, music, movies, games, and more on your personal TV set at home. Chromecast is compatible with most mobile devices today including iPhone, iPad, Android-operated smartphones and tablets, Mac and Windows’ laptops, and Google’s very own Chromebook laptops. With the Chromecast device, your device acts as remote control of sorts. Upon syncing your mobile device with Chromecast, just open the mobile apps you love on your device and it will be instantly replicated on the big screen.

Google Home

Powered by Google Assistant, Google Home is a device that acts as a virtual personal assistant at home. Since the device runs on Google Assistant, it contains similar functions with those available on mobile devices. It has voice command so you can ask questions such as real-time weather and traffic updates, sports results, local businesses, and so on. A simple voice request will prompt Google Home to play music, podcasts or audio files from various services such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, et cetera.