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Griffin Hong Kong - Redefining The Meaning Of True Digital Experience

Established since 1992, Griffin is one of the leading players in the world of consumer electronics. From simple accessories for mobile device to the computer peripherals, Griffin designs all of them with extra emphasis on being more fun and productive. Just as the digital world continues to grow and expand like never before, so too is the family of digital products and other accessories as well. In other words, such growth spurs more innovative tools and products that transform your digital experience to be more meaningful and comfortable at the same time.

Similarly, Griffin is active in the business of pioneering newer and better innovations so that people are able to experience the latest touches of technology. Bringing everything to life, Griffin continues to search and look out for better ways to connect you to life, work, passion and everything. Hence, Griffin believes that whatever that drives you will move you as well as thrill you. Mirroring such statement, Griffin products are designed precisely to redefine your digital experience!

Griffin Hong Kong - Bringing The Age Of Unparalleled Innovations

In 1992, Paul Griffin established Griffin Technology in Nashville, Tennessee. What was actually remarkable is that he actually conceived its founding on his kitchen table! During its early days, Griffin mainly manufactured video adapters. These video adapters provided the connection between DB-15 based Macintosh computers and VGA based monitors which were common at that time. Even so, Griffin did not just stop there as it released the revolutionary iMate in June 1998. This incredible device enabled Apple Desktop Bus or ADB based devices to be able to connect with the latest and popular Universal Serial Bus (USB) at that time. Such successful product proved to be the true game changer as it gave impetus for Griffin to release iMic and PowerMate which were both USB based devices.

For the next two years, Griffin has been experiencing substantial growth as it was one of the first third party vendors that manufactured peripherals for Apple products such as iPod. After the release of iPod, Griffin took one year to introduce iTrip atMacWorld San Francisco 2003.It was capable of enabling iPod users to transmit audio from iPod to a nearby FM receiver. Notably, the release of iTrip has broughtmore successes to Griffin, even more than its predecessors. As such, Griffin has entered a period of rapid expansion which it saw its workforce being increased astonishingly four-fold from 2003 to 2007. Moreover, this expansion has been deemed necessary as Griffin was looking to expand beyond its field of expertise in its attempt to diversify. From taking projects such as wireless Evolve speaker system to manufacturing even more accessories for iPod competitors like Microsoft, SanDisk and others, Griffin proved to be exceptional as it emerged as one of the most prolific manufacturers that contributed much in enhancing the seamless digital experience.

As of now, Griffin boasts a range of accessories that caters to Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung, HTC and Motorola products. Thanks to its vast array of products, its customers can enjoy the legendary creativity and ingenuity displayed by Griffin in all of its products. This is simply means that what you are about to get is more than just products or accessories as Griffin products are renowned for being able to adapt to your lifestyles. Surely, you did not even expect that the Griffin products that you bought can suit you in a more personalized way. In 2014, Griffin has the honor of opening Griffin Academy of Design and Technology that would be based on Hunters Lane High School of Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. It is a sign that Griffin has been recognized as one of the most innovative brands in the world. Another interesting fact is that half of its workforce is in its R&D division as Griffin places much priority in the area of product design and development.

Griffin Hong Kong - Connect To Play

Believing in the power of connectivity, Griffin proves that its products are able to ensure that everyone can enjoy these lovely products to the fullest without any fuss. Not just that, it is all about being connected with the latest technology not just in technical level, but also in terms of experience as well. In other words, Griffin prioritizes the value of user experience as its products will be simple to learn and use as well as solving problems effortlessly.

Throughout its history of manufacturing its well-designed products, Griffin has managed to earn numerous awards that befit its reputation as one of the leading brands in the arena of consumer electronics. Among well-known awards that Griffin earned are:

Best of Show 2011 inBeatweek Magazine
FutureTech Winner in Mac|Life
Top 100 Green Products in Time Magazine
iLounge Best of Show, Best of Show Finalist inConsumer Electronics Show 2011
Popular Mechanics' Top Gadgets of CES 2012 Editor's Choice Award
iLounge Best of Show - Consumer Electronics Show 2012

Aside from that, one always can find Griffin products to be featured on these tech magazines, sites and others such as:

CBS Morning Show
Entertainment Weekly
Good Morning Amera
Cult of Mac
TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog)

Amazing Griffin Hong Kong Products That Will Transform Your Experience

Griffin Survivor Series
If you are looking for serious protection for your favorite smartphones, you should check Griffin survivor series out. The best thing of all is that Griffin Survivor series boasts protective cases not just for smartphones, but also tablets, smart watches, accessories, power banks and others. Amazingly, Griffin Survivor series encompasses every spectrum that you can think of as this range is not just limited to protective cases only. For example, Griffin Survivor series even features bar and windshield mounting as well!
Achieving the standard outlined by US Department of Defense, Griffin applies these standards as guidelines in designing its Survivor series to be tough with protection against shock, drop and vibration. While your electronic devices are not going to war zones and battlefields, you still take comfort in knowing that Griffin Survivor series definitely gets them covered literally from head to toe. At the same time, Griffin also draws the balance between protection and usability as it is pointless to use protective gear that prevents you from using your electronic devices. That is why Griffin has shown itself to be prudent when it designs protective cases and products that are not just tough, but also features highly accessible places that are strategically placed so that you can use them while being protected. Ergonomic is still its middle name as Griffin makes sure that you are getting the best out of Griffin Survivor series.
Griffin BreakSafe
The recent introduction of USB-C on the latest MacBook did not bring the safety feature that is found only on its predecessor, Apple MagSafe connectors. In an event such this, Griffin has managed to save the world from plunging into darkness by introducing its latest solution, Griffin BreakSafe. This amazing product works well like Apple MagSafe as it allows for safer disconnection from the rest of the cable that is connected to the laptop when someone actually trips over the power cord. As a result, your laptop will be spared from being dragged along with the cable when such accident occurs!

Get Ready For Great Adventure With Griffin Hong Kong

Thanks to its commitment in manufacturing more highly innovative products that everyone can enjoy, Griffin continues to release its latest products so that you can keep up with the technological advances. If you are looking for more awesome products from Griffin, you should take a look atGriffin accessories. With Griffin, the power and potential of consumer electronic have been integrated successfully that everyone can use them with relative ease.

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