Feel like changing your look? Or do have some white hairs that are really starting to get to you? Regardless of whatever hair crisis you may be facing, we are here to help. Take a deep breath, calm yourself and have a look at the variety of hair coloring products that we have to offer below! Click here to read more.

Mandom Gatsby Hair Color Natural Black 1 set Brand from Japan: Mandom. Return the brightened hair uniformly to a natural black hair with bleaching etc. 2 color turning color that lasts coloring effect. The coloring component penetrates into the interior of the hair, it firmly dyes up to the core of the hair, and the color tone also lasts longer. 3 amino acids (glutamic acid, arginine, proline) to replenish moisture to the interior of the hair by repairing hair bruises. By coat ingredients (cation, silicon) blending, finish with a smooth texture with glossy. Excellent for hair spreading and familiarity, cream type hard to drip. It is a fragrance of aqua fruity that further suppressed the unpleasant odor that tastes. It is a paraben-free product. Not suitable for white hair. How to use: Please read instructions carefully before use and follow directions. Attach the Agent 2 container onto box and add entire contents of Agent 1. Tightly close the cap and mix well, shaking for about 20 times vertically. Apply the mixture evenly onto dry hair and leave for 5 to 15 minutes until desired color is achieved. For an even finish, start from parts that are harder to color - i.e. start from the back of head, move to sides, then bangs, and finally top of head. When you get the hair color you want, rinse out the mixture well, then shampoo and finish with conditioner. When washing out the mixture, close your eyes tightly to avoid rinse water running into your eyes. HK$ 54.70 HK$ 109.39 −49%

Hair Color Ideas that Everyone Should Try Out this Fall 2017

With the change of season comes a change of hair color! Before you swap your bikinis, large brim hats, and summer dresses for comfy sweaters, and boots, it's time to think about a new hair color to match the season. Whether you want to go all-out or take it easy with simple highlights, your hair is your best accessory - better than a pair of Uggs! So, if you want to be a ray of sunshine this fall, here are some great hair color ideas that you should try out!

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Update Your Look with Hair Coloring products from iprice Hong Kong!

Hair Coloring Hong Kong: A Beautifying Art from Ancient Times

Hair has played an important role in society throughout history as it is frequently associated with youthfulness and beauty. As a way to show off their hair as well as maintain their youthfulness and beauty, people back then would adorn and color their hair with minerals, plants or insects. Researchers have found evidence that ancient Egyptians used henna as a hair coloring agent. As time moved on, hair coloring agents continued to play an important part in society and evolved as technology and science evolved.

Back then, hair colors were limited. But with the technology and science available in the world today, all kinds of colors can now be found in the market. Used as a way to defy the side effects of ageing or as a fashion statement, hair coloring is a multibillion dollar industry that uses both natural plant dyes and synthetic dyes.

Hair Coloring Hong Kong: Tips and Tricks!

While most people do opt to do their own hair coloring at home, not many know the tips and tricks to ensure that your home-dyed-hair would look very salon-worthy. Here are some things to note if you are thinking of DIY at home:

  • If you are thinking about going red or blue (or whatever dramatic color there may be available in the market), then go to a hair salon to get it done as this will ensure that your hair would not be damaged by the chemicals as you try to get the color you seek. Only colour your hair at home if you are looking to cover your gray hair or thinking of going a couple of shades lighter/darker than your original hair color.
  • The color that you see on the model featured on the box will only be reflected on your hair if you have virgin (aka never before dyed) hair or if your current hair color is lighter than the dye that you are going to use.
  • When buying the hair dye, make sure to get two boxes of it! You would not want to run out of the dye halfway through the process. If you end up having an extra box, just save it for next time.
  • Most color agents will mention a strand test that you should do. Make sure you do it, especially if this is a new shade/brand that you have never used before. There have been cases where people skipped doing the test and came away with orange hair. Definitely not a great outcome.
  • Make sure that you section off your hair properly before using the hair dye as this would ensure that you would get allover coverage, especially if you have really thick hair.
  • If the color feels to bright or too dark for your liking, try creating a paste with one part shampoo and one part powder bleach from a highlighting kit. Then, comb the paste through wet hair and rinse out as soon as you see the color start to change.
  • If you are looking to highlight your hair instead of dyeing your whole head a single color, then make sure you separate out a quarter-inch section of your hair along both sides of your part and clip it out of the way. Start your highlights below the clipped section as it will hide any errors or spots where the color doesn’t make it all the way to your roots.

Hair Coloring Hong Kong: A Whole New You!

Give yourself a whole new look with these awesome Hair Coloring products that we have to offer! Do also consider purchasing some hair masks or hair oils to moisturize your hair as the chemicals from hair dyes may damage you hair.