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Hair Colours for Men

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Mandom Gatsby Hair Color (Natural Black) 1 set
HK$ 109.00

Brand from Japan: Mandom. Return the brightened hair uniformly to a natural black hair with bleaching etc. 2 color turning color that lasts coloring effect. The coloring component penetrates into the interior of the hair, it firmly dyes up to the core of the hair, and the color tone also lasts longer. 3 amino acids (glutamic acid, arginine, proline) to replenish moisture to the interior of the hair by repairing hair bruises. By coat ingredients (cation, silicon) blending, finish with a smooth texture with glossy. Excellent for hair spreading and familiarity, cream type hard to drip. It is a fragrance of aqua fruity that further suppressed the unpleasant odor that tastes. It is a paraben-free product. Not suitable for white hair. How to use: Please read instructions carefully before use and follow directions. Attach the Agent 2 container onto box and add entire contents of Agent 1. Tightly close the cap and mix well, shaking for about 20 times vertically. Apply the mixture evenly onto dry hair and leave for 5 to 15 minutes until desired color is achieved. For an even finish, start from parts that are harder to color - i.e. start from the back of head, move to sides, then bangs, and finally top of head. When you get the hair color you want, rinse out the mixture well, then shampoo and finish with conditioner. When washing out the mixture, close your eyes tightly to avoid rinse water running into your eyes.

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