Are you having problems achieving the hairstyle you want? Pomades in Hong Kong are the perfect solution to your troubles. Style your hair easily whether you want it slick and clean or rugged. Click here to read more.

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Your Guide to Styling Your Hair Using a Pomade in Hong Kong

A hair that is styled using a pomade will remind you of an artwork; the blank canvas is the hair and the paint brush is the pomade. Having knowledge on how to correctly apply a pomade can work wonders to your dull hair. To get you started, here is a guide to help you choose the right pomade and how to apply it correctly.

Choose Your Pomade

There is no best pomade out there as it boils down to your desired hairstyle. In general, there two kinds of pomade and each has its own benefits and look.

Wax-Based or Petroleum

This kind of pomade is commonly used in barbershops in Hong Kong as it can create cool and edgy hairstyles for men such as mohawks, pompadours, spiky, tight slick-backs. It has three types: heavy, light, and medium. Light pomade offers more shine and less hold, medium pomade provides moderate shine and hold, and heavy pomade gives less shine but makes it up by providing more hold. Also, heavy pomades are harder to rinse out of your hair.

Water-based or water soluble

Just like wax-based products, water-based pomades are available in three amounts of hold. They do not contain wax or petroleum, thus they spread through the hair easily and evenly. The best way to apply them is by wet combing your hair and let the product dry so that it gives off a still and wet look. If you prefer a dry look, it’s better to not damp your hands when styling. Moreover, water-based pomades are easily washed out of your hair, unlike petroleum or wax-based products.

How to Apply the Pomade

Once you have the pomade of your choice, now it’s time to style your hair.

Wash Your Hair

It’s best to wash your hair with a natural shampoo to eliminate any residue and excess oils. In that way, styling will be much easier.

Once done with your shower, figure out how much shine you need for your hair. If you opt for more shine, then go for a wetter hair. The wetter the hair, the shinier your hair will look, regardless of what pomade you use. If you prefer a less wet hair, then you can air dry it because blow drying or towel drying can cause damage to the hair.

Style Your Hair

Making your hands slightly damp helps achieve a wet look. Put a nickel-sized amount of pomade in your hand and begin with the sides. The same amount of pomade will be applied around your head, as putting too much leads to a flaky and gluey look.

For men, style the top of your hair into the best look for your face structure by dabbing a small amount of pomade on your hands. Begin at the base of your hair near the scalp and work your way up until you get to the tips. Also, don’t put a lot of pomade on the top of your hair strands as it can cause a dull look.

If your hairstyle loses its shine and structure as time goes by, dampen your hair with a little water on your fingers. Then rejuvenate your hairstyle back to its former glory. If water won’t suffice, dab a little pomade to reconstruct the style.

Removing the Pomade

When it comes to removing the pomade, you can easily wash it off with natural or organic shampoo. Aside from cleaning your hair, an organic shampoo ensures that you only get rid of the pomade from your hair, not including its essential oils. It’s fine if there’s a small residue left on your hair than stripping it off healthy oils that are important for hair growth.