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Yanagiya Apricot Oil For Hair 30ml
HK$ 71.00 HK$ 78.00

Brand from Japan: Yanagiya. It is an apricot oil that makes beautiful hair for women seeking glow and moisture. Protect your hair from drying and ultraviolet rays that cause hair damage, and arrange the cuticle. Since it does not escape moisture and lipids necessary for beautiful hair, it will make it beautiful hair with shine and moisture. It is a non-drying oil that is pressed from apricot seeds, and it is a feature to firmly moisturize and protect your hair. It contains a lot of oleic acid and minerals and keeps beautiful and healthy hair. The scent of apricots drifting in the faint. There is no distinctive oiliness, you can use without worrying about odor. Protect your hair from heat such as dryer, coat the cuticle and prevent the progression of hair bruising. Prevent static electricity and make it as smooth fingers. How to use: Adjust the amount to be attached depending on the length, quantity, quality of hair. For intensive care of damaged hair, recommend a hair pack in the bath. Make a little bit more of apricot oil well applied to the slightly moistened hair before shampoo. Cover your hair with a steaming towel and so on for approximately 10 minutes, then rinse with hot water, then rinse thoroughly with a shampoo. Treatment that does not wash off for everyday care makes hair styling easy, next morning's styling. For a towel dry semi-dry hair, spread a small amount with the palm of your hand, gradually blend the whole hair. There is no need to rinse out. By using it as a drying measure and stuffing at the time of styling, you can calm down moist and finish it with hair with a natural gloss feeling. Dilute a very small amount with the palm of your hand and let it get thinner. Especially the tip of a hairpin which is attached to a passa, gently soak it in.

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