Flip flops are the go-to footwear when we’re feeling a little casual and there’s no doubt that Havaianas slippers are the best ones around. Hailing all the way from Brazil, Havaianas is known for its colourful flip-flop sandals. These flip-flops are highly affordable and accessible, which makes Havaianas one of the best brands for casual sandals. Havaianas sandals are made with a high-quality rubber that won’t fall apart easily and can withstand the test of time and terrain. Whether you’re going to the beach or on an easy hike, you can rely on sandals from Havaianas HK to protect your feet.

How can you tell if Havaianas are fake? | What makes Havaianas different? | Are Havaianas worth the money? | How should I clean my Havaianas slippers?

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Havaianas Hong Kong - Adding Colours To Life

There is no other brand but Havaianas that really makes the real difference and changes the world literally. A bold statement, perhaps. Yet, there is none as bold and colourful as Havaianas with its own ludicrously beautiful designs and unique splashes of colours that take the world in a splurge of colour surprise. Not merely just colourful sandals or flip flop, Havaianas redefines what it means to really live a casual, carefree and comfortable lifestyle.

Havaianas - Colourful Beginnings

Havaianas first came into existence when a Scotsman, Robert Fraser was inspired by the typical Japanese Zori sandals that are made from fabric straps and rice straw soles (which is currently owned by Alpargatas, A Brazilian company). He changed the whole course of history when he became the first man to ever mass-produce flip-flops out of rubber. The name Havaianas is derived from the Portuguese word for “Hawaiians” and the pattern of the soles of the flip flops are designed to resemble the straw soles of Zori. This is the main reason why the Havaianas are seen with a textured pattern, one of its many distinctive features.

This proud Brazilian was originally popular among the lowest social class individuals because of its extremely affordable price and its practicality (protecting their foot from any harm) and simplicity in design. But before long, everyone wanted Havaianas to colour their life. Influential Brazilians like Malu Mader, Bebeto Hortencia and Luana Piovani were extremely proud to show off their feet on Television. Even in the magazines, the pages were filled with a burst of colour and vibrant images that reflected the Havaianas upbeat mood.

Havaianas spread their wings and started placing their colourful marks all over the world like Hawaii, Australia, France and many more. They were featured in many important magazines and newspapers worldwide and literally everyone was hooked unto the Havaianas craze. Today, armed with years of experience, Havaianas continues to fill the life of their customers with a splash of colour and keeps their flip-flop game strong as one of the most popular footwear brands in the world.

Havaianas - Freedom, Fun & Fantastic

Here are some very interesting & fun facts about Havaianas that will surely blow your mind.

  • A whole collection of flip-flops which was supposed to be in the brand’s traditional blue came out green due to some technical mishap. But this disaster immediately became a rainbow when the new colour was such a success that Havaianas started designing the same flip-flop with different coloured straps. It was then when the colour era started.
  • In 1998 during the World Cup, to show their support for the Brazil football team, Havaianas launched a new line of flip-flops with a small Brazilian flag on the strap. Though the team didn’t return with the World Cup, the collection remained a huge success up to this very day.
  • A recent study that was conducted at Havaianas shows that a number of 520, 547 pairs are sold per day, 21, 689 pairs sold per hour and 6 pairs sold every second.
  • Since the very beginning of existence, over 4 million pairs of Havaianas have already been sold. If you put it together in a line, they could go around the Earth about 40 times.
  • Being a proud Brazilian brand, on an average, each individual in Brazil owns 25 pairs of Havaianas and up to this very day, 94% of Brazilians have or have had a pair of footwear from this colourful brand.
  • Simple, Uncomplicated & Happy

Havaianas wants the whole world to embrace "happy feet" culture from Brazil; it is like dancing happily under the warm sun or the rain, celebrating life as it should be.

Havaianas - The Sandals That Makes The World A Better Place

  • As part of their commitment to saving the planet for future generations, Havaianas and their parent company Alphagatas play their part in contributing to many programs and organisations to make the world a better place.
  • Havaianas donates over one million dollars to the Institute for Ecological Research (IPE), an organization devoted to the conversation of socio-economics benefits through science, education, and sustainable business. With the donation, it is able to promote habitat restoration, landscape conservation, education and community involvement.
  • Conservation International (CI) is a private organization that is dedicated to the conservation and sustainability of endangered ecosystems around the world. Havaianas designed a special collection for the CI and with every purchase of the CI sandals, you are also playing a part in protecting the threatened Brazil marine ecosystem. Part of the sales will be used to help finance marine conservation projects on the coast of Brazil.

Havaianas - Invasion of Colorful Sandals

Looking for a brand new pair of Havaianas sandals & flip-flops for your summer getaway? Havaianas shoes will leave you spoiled for choice as there are so many varieties of splendid designs available as your constant and faithful travel companion. Enjoy your newfound freedom, joy & comfort that only Havaianas can offer to you!

What is the difference between Havaianas Slim and regular?

The Havaianas Slim model isn’t made to be a narrower version of the Classic Havaianas flip flop but instead, the “slim” refers to the fact that the straps are slimmer. Another difference between the Havaianas Slim vs Regular is the shape of the rubber sole which is a bit more elegantly shaped.

Do Havaianas run big or small?

Havaianas flip flops run a bit bigger so it is recommended to go a full size down if you’re looking to buy and check their size chart beforehand for more accurate purchase.

What makes Havaianas different?

Havaianas embodies Brazil’s fun, vibrant and spontaneous way of life. And it is this strong identity that has helped it hold its own, against cheap versions of what is an easy-to-replicate design.

How can you tell if Havaianas are fake?

Havaianas has always carried out an anti-counterfeit policy since its beginnings. But despite their efforts, there are still counterfeit products that are being offered so here’s what to look out for:

  • To ensure that you are only purchasing genuine Havaianas products, when purchasing online, watch out for messages like “cheaper Havaianas” or “discounted Havaianas,” these are likely to be counterfeit products.
  • All Havaianas products are made and designed in Brazil. So check the labels, if it is stated otherwise, the product is a fake.
  • Always look for the authenticity logo on any Havaianas product you purchase!
  • Havaianas are made according to a patented formula that is made up of a mixture of rubber- they don’t smell, they don’t lose their shape and are breathable- counterfeit products are recognisable because they're badly made.

However, if you’re unsure of their origin, feel free to contact Havaianas and they’d be happy to tell you whether the store you went to is a recognized seller.

Are Havaianas worth the money?

If you are going to wear a rubber flip flop, Havaianas are your best bet. Based on reviews, they are slightly heavier than foam sandals but the rubber sole is completely worth it.

How long does Havaianas last?

There is no exact answer to this because the durability of a pair of Havaianas depends on several factors, such as frequency of use, type of use, and how you care for your Havaianas slippers, among others.

How should I clean my Havaianas slippers?

This is the recommended procedure to clean your Havaianas slippers:

  1. Rinse your Havaianas in warm water.
  2. Brush the sole and the straps with mild soap using a soft bristle brush.
  3. Rinse until all the soap is removed;
  4. Dry with a soft cloth or leave to dry out of direct sunlight.

The process above allows you to clean without damaging the product. In the case of light colours (such as white) as with any shoes, it is not guaranteed that the product will completely recover the original tone, as this will depend on the use and frequency of cleaning. Do not wash any Havaianas products in a washing machine as it will damage the product.