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Head less Man Costume For Grown Ups
HK$ 275.00

Stay Ahead of the Costume Competition"Don’t lose your head", they always say. Well, they never knew what they were talking about anyways. Now, you can show them all what it’s really like to lose it, in fact, you’ve lost it so bad that you cut your own head off! Show up to the party on Halloween wearing this Headless Man Costume. It is truly a work of art; the costume is quite convincing and rather unsettling. It’ll be loads of fun running around the party scene or even through the streets in this haunting ensemble! However be sure to have a firm grip on your head… you’d be surprised how easy it is to misplace.Really stick your neck out this Halloween and show everybody one of the craziest and scariest costumes ever. Toss it on and you’ll look like something out of a horror flick or a horrifying nightmare. This costume is sure to be a hit this year, especially when you hit the dance floor! It’s not every day you see a headless wonder bust out some moves.Design & DetailsThe black robe is made of 100 percent polyester and uses Velcro to close. There is a hole in the robe so you can stick your head out. A harness is hidden underneath the robe. Elastic bands hold the harness up so it appears your neck and shoulders are hovering above your head. The shoulders and the neck are constructed of plastic and the neck is detailed with red paint to make it look like blood has been dripping from the wound.Your Head Will be in Good HandsEveryone will think about getting their heads checked after they witness you walking around in this Headless Man Costume. Are they seeing dead people with a supernatural sixth sense or is your performance just that good? Our money is on the latter.

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