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Surviving Baby Colic
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Are you at the end of your rope coping with a very colicky baby who screams for hours on end? Has it been so long since you had a good nights sleep that you would give your right arm to just lay in silence for an hour or even just for ten minutes?Surviving Baby Colic: How to Stop Your Babys Crying is the practical guide youve been waiting for! Authors LeahMarie C. Ritz and Judy Ritz share their insights and advice on how to survive this challenging time in any new mothers life. Theyve been there, where you feel like Alice wondering just how far down the rabbit hole goes. Or feeling like youre at the very bottom of that hole already and theres no way to escape. Its their mission to share their journey with other women going through the same situations. This practical guide has been written so that whatever information is needed can be found quickly and easily. The techniques that they call Smootch will work for all babies and mommies, but its also possible to pick and choose which ones apply best to various circumstances. These steps include ways to stop your babys crying and tips that will help any burned out mother cope with fatigue, stress, and depression. Surviving Baby Colic: How to Stop Your Babys Crying is written with brutal honesty and with the hope that Smootch will help any mother experiencing a colicky baby find peace.

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Speedy Relief For Baby Colic
HK$ 34.00

When a baby has too much gas in his stomach he feels pain and discomfort. This is the reason why a colicky baby never stops crying even during the daytime. Baby's crying is his way to communicate his pain. The gas in his stomach irritates him, he cannot get uninterrupted sleep and therefore needs mommy to ease his discomfort for him. Caring for a baby with colic can really wear down your patience what with all the loud crying and lack of sleep. As a parent, you need to understand that your child is not feeling well. In order to help ease his pain and discomfort you will first need to understand what colic is all about and how it can be alleviated. An indication that your baby is colicky is if he keeps on crying. A normal newborn baby seldom cries, if he does it is because he needs to be fed or needs his diaper changed and when those needs are met he settles down again and falls back to sleep. Colicky babies, on the other hand, will cry for more than 3 hours at a time, if not every day, then at least 3 days per week. It is difficult to soothe him, in spite of tending to all his needs he still remains fussy and sometimes will even cause uproar until there is relief to his irritation. However, a wary parent will always take into consideration that not all the crying might mean that baby has gas. Colic has a set of symptoms and there have been many cases where colic has been wrongly diagnosed. If you feel that there might be other reasons for baby's fussiness, you should never hesitate to consult with your pediatrician.

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