Thermometers are a great tool to check your child's temperature and determine if they are suffering from fevers or the flu. Check out the best baby thermometers in Hong Kong or read more about the many types of baby thermometers that you can use.

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Types of Baby Thermometers

No matter how much we take care of our little kids, being sick is part of growing up. It helps them improve their immune system and makes them stronger every single time. Flu and fever are amongst the most common ailments that children experience especially for babies and toddlers. Since infants don't have the ability to communicate yet, the hard part about it is determining if your child is sick or not; that is where a good quality thermometer comes in. There are several types of thermometers that you can get for your baby:

  • Rectal thermometers
  • Axillary thermometers
  • Temporal artery thermometers
  • Ear canal thermometers
  • Oral thermometers

Rectal Thermometers

While many would not prefer this type of thermometer, it is the most accurate instrument you could ever have to measure your child's temperature. Rectal thermometers can be a little bit uncomfortable but they are essential to your child's well-being. If you plan on choosing rectal thermometers, look for those with a flexible tip and wide base. This prevents you from inserting the thermometer too far.

Axillary Thermometers

If rectal thermometers are the most accurate, then axillary thermometers are the least but are less invasive. Axillary thermometers are the thermometers you put on your armpit to measure temperature. The best thing about this type of thermometer is that it is affordable and is readily available at any drugstore near you.

Temporal Artery Thermometer

Considered as one of the newest designs in thermometers, temporal artery thermometers use infrared technology to measure the temperature of the temporal artery near the forehead. This thermometer is used widely in many hospitals and is recommended for children of all ages. For children 3 months and younger, a rectal thermometer is often needed. A drawback of using temporal artery thermometers is that they can be a little bit expensive.

Ear Canal Thermometer

If your child is a little bit older than 12 months old, then an ear canal thermometer would be necessary. It is also less invasive compared to a rectal thermometer; all you need to do is place the tip exactly at the right area on your child's ear and wait for the reading. A drawback to using this type of thermometer is that it can be a little bit hard to use on smaller children. Children younger than 12 months can have smaller ear canals or it can be too uncomfortable for them.

Oral Thermometer

Like axillary thermometers, oral thermometers are also great for kids and easy to use. It is cheap and readily available almost anywhere. To use an oral thermometer, simply place the device underneath your child's tongue and wait for the reading. This type of thermometer is suitable only for kids ages 4 years old and above.

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