Comic books have always been providing endless fun for millions of readers worldwide. Comic books remain popular today because of their compelling storylines and realistic drawings. However, comic books do not only bring pleasure, they can also impart life lessons in their own unique and exaggerated way. Read more about comic books below.


3 Important Life Lessons that Comic Books Teach Us

Comic books are a source of entertainment and escape for readers worldwide. They have survived through technological advancements and are still popular today amongst many enthusiasts. The vast array of characters, absurd superpowers and abilities, and somewhat over-the-top storylines never fails to keep readers intrigued to know what happens next. Comic books also serve as a temporary stress reliever, allowing one to temporarily forget his worldly troubles and indulge in a fantasy realm. All these leads to a common perspective that comic books are meant only for pleasure reading as they do not contain lessons that one can learn from. However, comic books can teach their readers important values, albeit in unorthodox and elaborate ways.

1. Making the Most of What You Have

One important lesson that people today can learn from is to be resourceful and appreciative of what we have. Most of us live comfortably, with warm homes, readily available food, and access to modern technology, yet we often complain and whine about not having enough. While we are enjoying these luxuries, we forget about the people living in Third World countries who are lacking even basic life necessities. This lesson can be learned from Lex Luthor, the wealthy DC villain, and Superman’s scourge. His resourcefulness when his wealth was taken away from him was admirable. When Luthor was imprisoned in the Silver Age, he had to use only basic resources – some tin cans, the tungsten from a light bulb, a coil spring, and a flashlight to create a time machine. Having lived a luxurious life, it would have been incredibly difficult for him to adapt but he did not even sulk or complain, instead he made the most of what he had at the time.

2. The Importance of Teamwork

Comics such as the Justice League and X-Men series also remind us that no matter how able you are as an individual, everyone has a role to play in a team. Our favourite superheroes and comic characters often show excellent teamwork because they acknowledge each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work together in a team. Even the godlike Superman has his weakness, which is why he needs to rely on his Justice League teammates to assist him (and occasionally save him) and protect humankind. Working in a team enables you to reduce your own weaknesses and embrace the strengths of others. No one is perfect and no one should be underestimated as well.

3. With Power Comes Responsibility

Today, power is one of the biggest assets that many individuals crave for. The typical mindset is more power you have, the more influential you are, the more you can control things to go according to your will. However, power should not be used on one’s whim and fancy. Instead, as Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben puts it, “with great power comes great responsibility”. It is a notion that should be taught in the real world. People that are influential and in a position of power should use their authority, resources, and wealth to change the world positively – helping the less fortunate, and support environmental efforts, and promoting peace.

Widen Your Knowledge and Imagination with Books

Books are reliable sources of information that helps to increase your knowledge and exercise your creativity. History books enable readers to understand the development of humankind so that past mistakes are not repeated, whereas art books help to inspire one to think outside the box.