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From the text books to self-help books, the various types of psychology books certain open the door to know more about yourself. Most importantly, you get to apply what you have learned from these books in your own life. Read more about psychology books in Hopng Kong below to find out.

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What Every Teacher Needs To Know About Psychology
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Much of what we do in classrooms is intuitive, steered by what 'feels right', but all too often intuition proves a poor, sometimes treacherous guide. Although what we know about the workings of the human brain is still pitifully little, the science of psychology can and has revealed certain surprising findings that teachers would do well to heed. Over the past few decades, psychological research has made real strides into understanding how we learn, but it's only in the last few years that education has become aware of these insights., Part of the problem is a tendency amongst teachers to resist being told 'what works' if it conflicts with intuition. Whilst we cannot and should not relinquish our professional judgement in the face of outlandish claims, we should at least be aware of what scientists have discovered about learning, thinking, motivation, behaviour and assessment over the past few decades. This though is far easier said than done., Every year thousands of research papers are published, some of which contradict each other. How can busy teachers know which research is worth investing time in reading and understanding?Here, David Didau and Nick Rose attempt to lay out the evidence and theoretical perspectives on what we believe are the most important and useful psychological principles of which teacher ought to be aware. That is not to say this book contains everything you might ever need to know - there is no way it could - it is merely a primer., We hope that you are inspired to read and explore some of the sources for yourself and see what other principles can find a home in your classroom. Some of what we present may be surprising, some dubious, but some in danger of being dismissed as 'blindingly obvious'. Before embracing or dismissing any of these principles we urge you to interrogate the evidence and think carefully about the advice we offer., While nothing works everywhere and everything might work somewhere, this is a guide to what we consider the best bets from the realm of psychology.

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These Diverse Psychology Books Help You Understand The World

As the scientific study of mind and behaviour, psychology is definitely a topic of great interest to a lot of people since it concerns about how mind and behaviour work as a part of our lives. As it affects everyone, it is particularly popular in the public media and literature. Wherever you go, you will not be to escape from the mention of psychology in them. Furthermore, the lessons from the field of psychology have been incorporated in numerous fields.

Despite the fact that the information is widely available especially in this age of digital technology, the trusty textbooks still remain as the relevant source material that is both credible and reliable. Whether you are just a curious learner or a student, the textbooks are preferred for a wide variety of reasons. As the common reference material that is still being used in many places, the psychology textbooks offer you the current information with verified sources; they are great for learning and research purpose. Hence, you should get the right psychology textbook that can help you to learn more.

While you can find all kinds of psychology books in the market, you can still be spoilt for choices when it comes to looking for the suitable reading material. These are the popular psychology books that people love to get right now:

General Psychology

Essentially, the general psychology is all about the study of the basic theories, principles, and methods of psychology. In other words, the general psychology is also known as the "basic psychology". Despite the "basic" name, the general psychology is still seen as the starting point where you can find out about the inner workings of emotions, development, learning, thinking, perception, memory and others. As for the general psychology books, they have been said to be a good starting point for those that want to learn more about psychology.

Social Psychology

As for social psychology, it usually deals with social interactions regarding their origins and effects on the individual. Basically, it is the study of how people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are influenced by the actual, imagined or implied the presence of others. It is unsurprising to see how the social psychology books can be popular among their readers because they give in-depth analysis of how people interact and behave.

Self-Help Psychology Books

With the power to transform your thinking, the self-help psychology books are probably one of the most popular books in the market. More often than not, these unique gems of wisdom can surprise you with their breadth of life-changing lessons. Furthermore, the self-help psychology books usually offer incredible insights on understanding about the practical aspects of applied psychology in real life. Needless to say, these books are all about delivering the "aha" moments that you can always relate.

Before Buying Psychology Books

All you need to do is to take a look around and browse through your options. Then, you can also work out your budget before getting your psychology books. After that, choose the right subject and specialization which you are interested in learning. Finally, decide what you want and enjoy such rewarding experience.