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Biography Books for Men

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Going into the City : Portrait of a Critic As a Young Man
HK$ 160.00

One of our great essayists and journalists—the Dean of American Rock Critics; Robert Christgau—takes us on a heady tour through his life and times in this vividly atmospheric and visceral memoir that is both a love letter to a New York long past and a tribute to the transformative power of art.Lifelong New Yorker Robert Christgau has been writing about pop culture since he was twelve and getting paid for it since he was twenty-two; covering rock forEsquire in its heyday and personifying the music beat at the Village Voice for over three decades. Christgau listened to Alan Freed howl about rock ‘n’ roll before Elvis; settled east of Manhattan’s Avenue B forty years before it was cool; witnessed Monterey and Woodstock and Chicago ’68; and the first abortion speak-out. He’s caught Coltrane in the East Village; Muddy Waters in Chicago; Otis Redding at the Apollo; the Dead in the Haight; Janis Joplin at the Fillmore; the Rolling Stones at the Garden; the Clash in Leeds; Grandmaster Flash in Times Square; and every punk band you can think of at CBGB.Christgau chronicled many of the key cultural shifts of the last half century and revolutionized the cultural status of the music critic in the process.Going Into the City is a look back at the upbringing that grounded him; the history that transformed him; and the music; books; and films that showed him the way. Like Alfred Kazin’sA Walker in the City; E. B. White’s Here Is New York; Joseph Mitchell’sUp in the Old Hotel; and Patti Smith’s Just Kids; it is a loving portrait of a lost New York. It’s an homage to the city of Christgau’s youth from Queens to the Lower East Side—a city that exists mostly in memory today. And it’s a love story about the Greenwich Village girl who roamed this realm of possibility with him.

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The Fox Hunt: Four Strangers; Thirteen Days; and One Man's Amazin
HK$ 203.00

A young man’s moving story of love; war; and hope in which he recounts his harrowing escape from fanaticism and a brutal civil war in Yemen; with the help of a daring plan engineered on social media by a small group of interfaith activists in the West. Born in the Old City of Sana’a; Yemen; to a pair of middle-class Shiite doctors; Mohammed Al Samawi was a devout Muslim raised to think of Jews as his enemy. Everything he believed was thrown into doubt; however; when he secretly received a copy of the Bible when he was twenty-one. Undergoing a metamorphosis; Mohammed began reaching out to Jews on social media; joined a peace-building organisation; and travelled to international interfaith conferences. When his activities drew death threats; Mohammed was forced to flee to the Southern port city of Aden; only to find his life further endangered when civil war broke out in the spring of 2015. Hiding in the bathroom of his apartment as gunfire and grenades exploded throughout the city; Mohammed — believing these were the final moments of his life — desperately appealed to friends across social media. Miraculously; Mohammed’s plea was heard. Over thirteen days; four ordinary young people with zero experience in international diplomacy or military exfiltration worked across six technology platforms and ten time zones to save this innocent young man trapped between deadly forces — rebel fighters supported by Iran and Al Qaeda operatives supported by Saudi Arabia. The story of an improbable escape as riveting as the best page-turning thrillers; The Fox Hunt is also an unforgettable story of compassion; friendship; faith and redemption. Like I Am Malala; A Long Walk Gone; and The Dressmaker of Khair Khana; it sheds light on events roiling the world; and offers hope and inspiration; reminding us that goodness and decency can triumph in the darkest circumstances.

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