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California Costume Collection Men's Wise Man Gray Wig and Beard
HK$ 157.00

Beardy BravadoYou've tried everything to get a beard. You've tried rubbing some hair growth serum that you got from a guy wearing a velvet top hat on the corner. He seemed to earnestly believe in his product, raving on and on about the wonders of snake oil but when you woke up you still didn't have a crumb catcher! You didn't give up, of course. You went on to follow up with your mother's advice from childhood. She said that bread crust would make your hair grow thick and curly. Soon enough you were peeling off the outside of a freshly baked loaf. Your local pidgeons got a carbo load feast, your jaw got a workout, but your face remained chin curtain free. If you ask us, it's time you sought outside help that doesn't include old wives tales or medicine shows. Product DetailsThis beard is paired with a lush, curly wig and an adhesively backed mustache. The beard itself is lush with kinky curls and a full, dignified shape. It's comfortable with an elastic strap that simply goes around your head to instantly transform you into a wise man. Wooly WisdomIf you're ready to head out into the world as a wise man, you absolutely must have a beard! You'll be ready to prophesize or star in a church play in an instant when you're wearing this look. All you need is a dignified robe and maybe a staff. Hey, maybe you didn't grow this beard yourself but that doesn't mean you're any less wise!

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California Costume Collection Mens Wise Man Brown Wig and Beard
HK$ 102.00

Insta-BeardNeed a full face of hair, and fast? You've got a couple options. You could toast a whole loaf of bread and eat all the crusts because as you might have been told as a child, it's supposed to make your hair grow fast. You could also follow the extremely weird and even more disgusting old wive's tale of putting a fly on the spots that you want your hair to grow faster. You could relax, eat up some hair supporting vitamins, and throw away your razors but a full beard certainly isn't going to grow overnight. The only sure way to go? The face wig (aka fake beard).Product DetailsThis set has both a wig and a beard that has an elastic band that fits around the back of the head. The mustache simply sticks to your upper lip so that you'll be able to easily deliver your Wiseman lines. So, forget that old wives tale beard growing advice, we've got a better option!Wise GuysYou'll look like a wise man with healthy hair follicles once you get this facial hair in the mail. We're not sure how this wise man kept his beard so clean as he followed the stars to find that unforgettable baby in a manger. But honestly, we don't think that truly manners. He's here, his beard looks like that of a wise man and we love it! All you need to do is decide on which of the three kings you are and throw on this beard with one of our great wise men outfits. Oh, and don't forget the Frankincense and Myre! Whether you're celebrating three kings day with two otherwise men or you're going biblical for your next Halloween party, you're sure to feel your wisdom levels spike once you throw on this facial hair!

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