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Country Music CDs

Country Music has always been popular in the west. In Hong Kong however, we have the benefit of hearing it on the radio. Here are some of country music’s best singers of all time.


Top Country Music CDs Price List 2018

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Johnny Cash - Out Among The Stars CD HK$ 49.00 Nzgameshop
Dolly Parton, Gender, And Country Music HK$ 163.00 Nzgameshop
Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison CD HK$ 44.00 Nzgameshop
Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire The Legend Of Johnny Cash CD HK$ 55.00 Nzgameshop
Johnny Cash - The Hits (Songbook) HK$ 95.00 Kobo
Johnny Cash (Songbook) HK$ 95.00 Kobo
The Little Book of Country Music Wisdom HK$ 94.00 Kobo
Country Music HK$ 90.00 Kobo
Country Music Originals HK$ 89.00 Kobo
Country Music Originals HK$ 86.00 Kobo
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Get Your Country Music Fix with These 3 Singers

Music is food to our soul. Music has the ability to bring us to heights of ecstasy and make our hair stand on ends. But one genre of music supersedes the others in every aspect – country music. Country music may not be top of the charts here in Hong Kong, but every genre of songs has taken elements of country music and built on them. Bands and singers such as Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban, Fleetwood Mac, Carrie Underwood, and Blake Shelton all dominate as country music stars. But out of all these, here are some whose songs you have to follow.

Johnny Cash

With the release of the latest and last of the Wolverine movies, we see an old, haggard Logan (Hugh Jackman) coming to the last phase of his life. The storyline is set to a haunting theme with the familiar voice of Johnny Cash. Cash’s cover of the song Hurt by Nine Inch Nails was the backdrop for the soundtrack of the movie.

Johnny Cash has been a huge star in the world of country music thanks to his hits in the 1950s and 60s. Among the most famous of his songs were these below:

  • Folsom Prison Blues
  • I Walk the Line
  • Hurt
  • Don't Take Your Guns to Town

Carrie Underwood

American Idol has made many-a-songstress famous. One of the singers who still holds a special place in our hearts is none other than country music singer Carrie Underwood. Underwood, dubbed Country Music Queen, has brought countless hits to the billboard as well as to our minds. Her signature singles such as Jesus, Take The Wheel and Before He Cheats were some of the most popular of her songs in the past few years.

Her career brought her through ups and downs of celebrity status. Upon winning two Grammy Awards, the singer further released a fourth and fifth album, dominating the charts. Today, Carrie Underwood is still one of the notable singers of all time and has an epic following on social media. You too should be her big fan. Check out her collection of music.

Kenny Rogers

No, we’re not talking about the chicken roasters. We’re talking about the man himself – Kenny Ray Rogers. In 1986, Rogers won the title “Favourite Singer of All Time” by USA Today and People magazine. His wide repertoire of being a singer, songwriter, record producer, and entrepreneur has brought him to fame and success as a celebrity. More importantly, his work in the country music industry has become the motivating factor behind many of today’s singers. Here are some of his famous hits that we love:

  • I Can’t Unlove You
  • The Last Ten Years
  • Twenty Years Ago
  • Morning Desire
  • We’ve Got Tonight
  • Islands In The Stream

Now that you know more about these country music singers and their passion in the industry, you could take a look into the world of this genre with the amazing products above. Follow your heart and let your ears be the window to your soul in the journey through country music.

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