Hoka One One shoes were initially distinguished by their oversized midsoles; today they are designed with the same enhanced cushioning, inherent stability and problem-solving inspiration to meet the running, walking, fitness and outdoor needs of a wide variety of users. With a bold and often unexpected approach, HOKA empowers athletes of all levels to feel like they can fly. Learn more about Hoka One One Hong Kong products below.

Trace Your Feet | What does Hoka One One mean? | Are Hoka One One shoes good?


How to Fit Yourself for Hoka One One HK Running Shoes At Home

It is usually recommended to get a professional fitting and gait analysis from a licensed retailer to make sure you have the right fit, stability, and comfort before buying a pair of running shoes. As solo running is the most available method of exercise, many people have a good reason to buy new running shoes! So how should you go about doing it yourself? Start with the basics.

Trace Your Feet

What you’ll need:

  • A pair of running socks
  • Enough paper to trace each foot onto
  • Two different colour writing utensils
  • A ruler
  • A calculator

Before you trace your feet, go for a walk. The human foot expands after walking, and you’ll want to get a shoe that fits your foot comfortably. Trace one socked foot at a time, you can use a towel as a knee pad for comfort. You’ll want to do two traces of each foot, without moving your foot off the paper between traces. The first - in one colour crayon - angled in as tightly as possible to the contours of your foot, the second trace should aim to outline the outer edges of each foot.

What does Hoka One One mean?

Hoke One One is named after the Maori language, the meaning of Hoka One One means "fly over the earth".

Are Hoka One One shoes good?

Made especially for runners, the Hoka One One shoes are good shoes for running purposes. The Hoka One shoes are equipped with maximum cushioning and a minimum drop' style of shoe with their thick and softly cushioned soles that help reduce the pounding on the soles of your feet. The Hoka One shoes are also remarkably light for their size, thus making it easy for runners to run faster.