It doesn’t matter what your home decor style is, a candle will always elevate the overall vibe of a room. Choosing the right scented candles can bring calmness and serenity into your busy lives. Read more about home décor candles by clicking here.


Why You Should Keep Candles Lit in Your Homes

Lighting a candle can help you destress and regain calmness after a hectic day.The flickering, soft, orange flame can also soothe the atmosphere of your home; the gentle glow is relaxing and calming. There are many candles that include special aromatherapy oils in their ingredients to evoke a certain kind of mood.

Back in the ancient times, candle wax was made from tallow, a byproduct of beef fat rendering. Insects, sperm whales, and whole fishes were also popular ingredients in the Middle Ages. However, today candle wax is made from paraffin, beeswax, or soy.

How to Burn Candles the Right Way

For first-time candle-burners, there are a couple of steps you have to do. One of them is to let the candle burn for approximately two hours or until the top of the wax becomes liquid. This is so that your candle will not burn unevenly and avoid tunneling. Tunneling is when your candle only burns in the center, leaving a “memory ring” or a rim of hard wax around the perimeter. After the first burn, the consecutive burns should not exceed 4 hours at a time.

You should always trim the candle’s wick to 1/8 inches at all time so that the candle will not emit smoke or soot when blown out. A candle shouldn’t produce smoke or soot while it’s burning. If it does, quickly extinguish it and trim the wick. Never leave the candle unattended and always place it on a heat-proof area away from curtains and any other items that can easily catch on fire.

Best Candles for Room Décor

  • Yankee Candle – Hailing from Massachusetts, USA, this candle brand is one of the top choices for gifts during the festive seasons because of the rustic mason jar packaging. Yankee Candle releases 50 new scents every year so you will never run out of choices.
  • Jo Malone – This British brand is popular among aristocrats and royalties. Kate Middleton had Orange Blossom Jo Malone candles lit throughout Westminster Abbey during her royal wedding.
  • Diptyque – Candles from Diptyque are made by hand with a 12-step process. The brand has over 50 scented candles in their product collection, all made with natural ingredients. Just like Jo Malone, Diptyque also offers and an array of luxury perfumes.
  • Malin + Goetz – If floral and fruity scents are not enough to spice up your home, this New York City apothecary offers boozy candles like Dark Rum and Mojito. They also have unique scents like Tobacco and Cannabis.
  • Cocolux – Cocolux Australia makes their candles using only natural ingredients like coconut wax that are then hand-poured into solid copper containers. If you’re looking for home décor accessories that are both pretty and functional, try checking them out.

Candles serve so many more purposes than just for birthday cake toppers. Try adding some scented candles here and there to improve your home and your mind. Get affordable candles with iPrice today.