Wall art posters in Hong Kong not only revamp the look of your walls but also your entire home. Here are some points to consider when choosing the right wall art poster for your home. Also, check out the latest perfect wall posters below.


5 Essentials to Create the Ultimate Ma’am Cave

We have often heard of the term man cave, but rarely the female equivalent of it. The Ma’am Cave or more affectionately known as She Shed is an area for the woman of the household to escape as well as do whatever to her hearts content.

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4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wall Art Poster for your Home

If your home needs more aesthetic decorations like wall art posters and paintings, then it’s time to adorn your walls with them. You can’t just leave your soaring ceilings and floors feeling a little empty. With wall art posters, they create a cohesive feel and make your home look more appealing. Make sure you choose the right wall art poster that reflects you and complements the furnishings of your home.

Consider the size

If you need something that is easier to store and inexpensive, then smaller artwork posters will work for you. They are ideal for homes that have a snug bedroom or a narrow hallway but not appealing in large rooms with high ceilings. This is because if the artwork appears small in the large room, it will be overwhelmed by the emptiness, thus making it less noticeable. On the other hand, if it’s too big, it will not look good as well since it will appear like a giant sporting too-small trousers.

If you have a large space, look for large art posters. It’s best to get something that is not framed. Also, if you want to adorn your walls with several pieces of art, make sure they combine with each other so your room becomes visually appealing.

Select the right furnishings to go with your art posters

Wall art posters in Hong Kong are more than just framed prints; they are important art pieces that reflect your personality. Apart from choosing the size, it’s also important that the furnishings complement with your art posters. Go for wall-mounted shelves, figurines, or vases to adorn the walls together with your art poster. You can also embellish your large space with collectibles or decorative plates. You might as well put up a large mirror along with other decorations which make your space surprisingly hip.

Figure out the right color

You should know what’s the right color that goes well with your room’s furniture, the wall, or even the accent pillows. This is important so everything becomes coordinated; it doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, as long as it is of the same color tone and feel. For instance, if your room has a blue wall and has brown furnishings, it’s ideal to go for a wall art poster that has dark wood frames to match the colors of your bed’s headboard and lampshade. Also, the art should have shades of blue to match the walls.

Take Note of the frame

Another way for your wall art posters to complement your room’s appearance is to make sure their frames match your room’s décor, colors, and style. A wooden frame, for instance, radiates a shabby-chic feel, while dark wood frames exhibit a straight vintage look. If you want your room to display a contemporary or modernist vibe, then metal or black frames are an ideal choice.