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HOYA Filters in Hong Kong with iprice

Photography is more than just composition, pixel density, and clarity and photo manipulation. In today’s world, the art of photography has evolved to become a medium to convey emotions and the photographer’s passion and perspective. To add to the variety in visual effects of photos, filters become increasingly popular these days. So how do we choose the right filter for your camera? And more importantly, what brand of filter should we choose? This is where HOYA comes into play. HOYA filters are the leading products in the category of photographic filters. Made to customize your DSLR cameras, HOYA filters adapt to any setting. Today, with the help of iprice, HOYA filters are available for you in Hong Kong at unbelievable discounts. Simply browse the products above or find out more with the links below.

A little bit about the brand – HOYA

As you may know, the name HOYA is of Japanese origin. In 1941, two brothers – Shoichi and Shigeru Yamanaka founded an optical glass production plant in the city of HOYA. In October 1945, the company launched crystal products that shot it into world fame even during a time of war. 6 years later, HOYA was listed on the stock exchange. As the company grew, so did its technology. In 1978, HOYA launched Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) for molded-glass lenses. Spreading to Europe within 2 years, the company managed to secure its position further in Netherlands and later to the USA too. HOYA even went into glass disk technology for HDDs. In 1997, HOYA expands further into Asia (also to Hong Kong) and in 2001, it started manufacturing soft IQLs. One pivotal point in HOYA’s history was the merge between HOYA and Pentax, the leading camera company. Up to today, HOYA is still one of the experts in eye-care technology and precision photographic equipment. Let’s look more at what HOYA is all about.

HOYA – The difference is clear

The difference is clear. HOYA’s slogan rings true as every bit of equipment the company produces can change perspective on photographic perspective. These days, with the advancement in digital photography, even our smartphones have the necessary filters to convey emotion and a sense of environment that any ordinary photograph might not. From coloured filters to HD and special effects filters, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right one. But what happens when we extrapolate that choice to professional photography? Well, this is where HOYA comes into play. Over decades of research, the company has produced special lenses used as filters to bring out desired effects in any photo taken. Let’s look more at what HOYA filters in Hong Kong has to offer

HOYA products to enhance your photos

HOYA employs a myriad of photo-manipulative technology to bring out feeling, setting and specific messages in every photograph. Albeit the long list of HOYA products in its arsenal, let’s focus on HOYA filters for a start. HOYA filters come in a variety of forms. To start off with, the most common are as follows:

  • HOYA HD Filters
  • HOYA ND Filters
  • HOYA General Filters
  • HOYA Coloured Filters
  • HOYA Special Effects Filters

To further enhance professional photography, selected series of HOYA filters go hand-in-hand with some of your favourite camera brands. Among these, there are 3 such series of filters, namely; HOYA FUSION Antistatic Filters, HOYA PRO1 Digital Filters and HOYA PROND filters.

The HOYA FUSION Antistatic filters have antistatic and scratch resistant capabilities. They are also waterproof and stain-proof while being easy to clean. HOYA PRO1 Digital filters, on the other hand, come in 3 categories:

DMC: Digital Multi-Coated, BAF: Black Anodized Frame,

BRG: Black Rimmed Glass, LPF: Low Profile Frame,

KEF: Knurling Edge Frame, UVC: UV Protected Case

Following the standards developed for digital cameras, HOYA PRO1 Digital filters can be interchangeably used with any digital camera of your choosing. For wider apertures and longer exposure, you will want to look into the HOYA PROND filters. ND coating keeps images at a neutral colour balance.

Specific HOYA products you should get

Let’s summarise it for you. You want the best filters, we’ve got it here at iprice. Check out these bad boys below to compliment your digital photography and you will be able to complete your photographic experience in any category. Here are some HOYA filters you will love:

  • Hoya 55mm HD C-PL Filter
  • Hoya 55mm PRO1 Digital UV DMC LPF Filter 55
  • Hoya 52mm PRO1 Digital ND4 Filter
  • Hoya 52mm PRO ND16 Filter
  • Hoya 52mm Slim CPL Filter (PHL)
  • Hoya 77mm PRO ND4 Filter
  • Hoya 52mm HMC UV (c) Filter

The best of HOYA filters on iprice

With HOYA products today, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to digital filters. Add colour, depth, perspective and emotion to all your shots with HOYA filters on iprice. shopping online for HOYA filters is the smartest way to go today. Don’t worry about running to the camera accessory outlet and spend exorbitant amounts on filters. Simply check out iprice’s discounts and lowest prices on all of HOYA filters available in Hong Kong and you too could take advantage of these amazing value for money. Happy shopping!