Huawei offers a wide array of smartphones, ranging from budget models to high-end variants. It also has a range of product lines for smartphones, one of which is the Honor line that has impressive smartphones that include stunning features which you can find here. Check out the best Huawei Honor smartphones in Hong Kong!

Huawei Honor Phones & Tablets

4 Reasons to Buy a Huawei Honor Smartphone

A smartphone series from Huawei that is packed with flagship-level features, aimed at smartphone users who want to enjoy the best of what Android has to offer. This sub-brand was conceived in late 2011 and was fully established in the market in 2013 in China. It only able to take on the global market in 2014 and easily became a tight competitor of premium smartphone brands such as Samsung.

To date, it’s a smartphone series that managed to attract a lot of fans worldwide, which begs the question -what makes it stand out in the competition?

Impressive Design

First and foremost, the design of Huawei Honor series is pretty distinct and unique. At the first glance, you can easily tell it’s a Huawei Honor device if you’ve already seen a device from this smartphone series even at least once in the past. Huawei smartphones are pretty bold and playful, which makes it appealing to the younger audience. On top of that, Huawei utilizes vibrant and youthful colors into their phone’s finish, such as apple green and sapphire blue. Despite that, they also retained the classic colors such as black and white. Basically, the design of the Huawei Honor series is easy to match with any lifestyle, any day!

Stunning Features

When it comes to features, the Huawei Honor never holds back. The reason why it’s well loved by its fans is because it offers a generous amount of features when it comes to price. Honor series is packed with the best of features possible for its price tag. It was initially sold as a low-end device despite carrying midrange to high-end specs. This is the reason why it earned immense popularity in such a short period of time. Not only did it attract young users, but also the professionals who are interested in owning a device that could do all. In fact, it didn’t need Snapdragon chipsets for its devices to sell.

Remarkable Camera

Huawei being the smartphone brand that manages to pioneer Leica camera in smartphone devices and also one of the brands that featured the first ever dual-camera, pretty much says a lot about the company’s dedication to excel in the “shoot-out” in the smartphone market. This is one of the reasons why Huawei and its sub-brand, the Honor series has garnered immense popularity as of today.

Affordable Price

Huawei Honor series was initially tailored for the low-budget and mid-range market. But because of the innovative features that Huawei has incorporated into its Honor series, their devices can be considered as a midrange offering initially. Though they have high-caliber phones and tablets that could take on their competitors’ flagship devices, the price for a Huawei Honor device isn’t as steep as what you’d expect from other well-known brands such as Samsung and Apple. This means you get to enjoy more than what you’re paying for.

The Huawei Honor series bring a lot to the table, from an ergonomic design to a game changing camera specs, there’s definitely a lot to expect from this sub-brand from Huawei. If you’re looking for a device that could go head to head with the leading flagship devices of today but you’re not willing to shell out more than you should, then a Huawei Honor device is what you’re looking for.