Huawei is not only popular for its smartphones, it also has a range of tablets that are sought-after by many users due to their advanced features and specifications. If you are thinking of getting a Huawei tablet, keep in mind the following tips here so you’ll enjoy using it for a long time.


Essential Tablet Care Tips You Should Know with Huawei Hong Kong

High-end smartphones and tablets like those from Huawei are the in-thing these days. More and more computer users replace their laptop or desktop computer’s monitor with tablets. This is because they are so convenient and allow you to bring them anywhere. But like any electronic devices, they are expected to undergo wear and tear over time. To keep them in mint condition, here are tips to remember.

Don’t use a stylus or power cable from a different model

Keep in mind that all styluses are created uniquely. The one that came with your Huawei tablet is specifically designed for it, so don’t attempt to use a stylus from a different model. Using one can result in a scratched-up screen. Also, don’t make the mistake of using pens or utensils as a substitute for the stylus. These items have their intended purposes so use them properly. If you lose your stylus, it’s best to get a new one from the store you purchased it from, instead of using other objects.

Likewise, use the power cable that came with your phone. Avoid plugging its port with other chords whether they fit or not. This is because they can cause damage to your tablet, resulting in not charging as quickly as it used to.

Protect it from too much sunlight

Exposing your tablet to direct sunlight can damage its internal components, causing it to perform poorly and overheat. Keep in mind that many Huawei tablets are made from aluminum so they heat up quickly in too much sunlight. Therefore, make sure to store it away from sources that can warm it up like radiators and stoves.

Extend Your Tablet’s Battery Life

In most tablets, apps remain active even while the device is in sleep mode. Although this makes startup process easier, it can lower your tablet’s battery life. The solution to this is to choose the Wi-Fi Sleep policy setting on your tablet that makes it go to sleep mode when the screen turns off. To activate this feature, just tap Wireless Settings under the Wireless and Networks. Then click WiFi-Sleep Policy. Another important thing is to not overcharge your tablet. Charging it continually can cause its battery life to decline, making you wonder why it can’t keep a charge for longer than a few hours later on. It’s best to charge it when the battery goes to about 50 percent then remove it from the power source once it gets full 100 percent. With that, the battery discharges at a slow rate, making a difference in battery life of your device.

Keep your tablet in a protective case

Always put your tablet in a sturdy case if you are not using it. Make the habit of carrying it with you in order to protect it from harm and the elements. A protective case guards your tablet against drops and damage caused by other objects in your bag. Other variants of protective cases shield tablets from water damage but expect it to come at a steep price.