About iEMA 2016

Recognizing and upholding excellence in the e-commerce sector,
the iPrice E-Commerce Merchants Award (iEMA) 2016 is South East Asia’s preeminent awards voted and judged by online consumers. The awards were organized in partnership with eTail Asia and Trusted Company .
The award finalists and winners are chosen by consumers in three simple steps:
  1. Select Favorite E-Commerce Merchant.
  2. Rate & Share Preferred Merchant
  3. Validate Your Vote Via Facebook or Google Account.
Only one vote per-user is allowed. Voting begins on 15th November 2016 and ends on 31st January 2017. Winners will be chosen based on:
  • Merchant with the highest number of votes will win
    “The Most Popular E-Commerce Merchant of the Year 2016”
  • Merchant with the highest average ranking will be awarded “The Highest Quality E-Commerce Merchant of the Year 2016”.

There will be country winners as well as a pan-regional winner for best overall merchant. Winners will be announced at the eTail Asia conference in Singapore's Marina Bay on 8th March 2017.
All voters stand a chance to win a brand new Samsung smartphone. Three lucky winners will be chosen and announced on the 8th March 2017 with the iEMA Winners. Read more about the rules and regulations.

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Rules and Regulations
E-Commerce Merchant Awards Year 2016

  • iPrice E-commerce Merchant Awards (“iEMA”) 2016 is organized by iPrice Group Sdn Bhd.
    Eligibility Criteria:
  • iEMA 2016 is open to all e-commerce merchants from Southeast Asia region (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines) and no registration of merchant is required.
    Voting Process:
  • Voting shall be conducted by filling out a form available at (“iprice.hk/iEMA/2016”).
  • Consumers shall be able to vote for their preferred e-commerce merchants between 15 November 2016 to 31 January 2017 (“Voting Duration”), and each consumer is entitled to one vote.
  • Voters are required to validate their selection through their Facebook or Google account.
  • Votes and/or entries received outside of the voting duration will not be entertained or accepted.
  • iPrice shall not be liable in any way for any costs, expenses, damages or liability arising out of or in any way in connection with the iEMA.
  • The counting of votes shall proceed by the end of the voting duration (early February 2017).
  • iPrice will select the winner and finalists of the award for the following categories:
    • Popularity: e-commerce merchant with the highest number of votes with a minimum of 3 out of 5-star rating.
    • Quality: e-commerce merchant with the highest average star rating.
  • Winners and finalists will be selected for each country in each category.
  • In addition to this, an overall winner will be announced and selected for each category.
  • iPrice shall reserve the right at its absolute discretion to review and vary the selection process or to withdraw an award at any time without prior notice and without any liability in respect thereof. The decision of iPrice is final and conclusive in all circumstances.

Expert Panel

David Chmelar

Co-Founder and CEO of iPrice Management consultant and banker in his past life, David made a radical change and decided to build iPrice Group, leading retail shopping metasearch engine in Southeast Asia. With his Co-founder Heinrich Wendel they aim high - to bring transparency, convenience and trust to whole SEA market and move local consumers to online shopping. Excitement he gained on the journey so far generates only more excitement from realizing how much more can be achieved on this market.

Danny Levy

General Manager at Worldwide Business Research He has an extensive background in general management, research, strategic partnership, business development, and specializes in helping businesses get their message out clearly, concisely, and accurately. With his vast experience across many different industrial sectors in Southeast Asia, he’s been successful in leading Worldwide Business Research to hold top-class events.

Frederick Krass

Co-Founder and Managing Director at Trusted Company An expert in maneuvering fast moving and emerging e-commerce markets around the globe. With his expertise, he aims to drive his company’s noble intention to protect e-commerce consumers from falling prey to online frauds through the use of third-party reviews on his platform.

Khailee Ng

Tech startup investor and founder. Managing Partner, 500 Startups He loves creating tech startups and is responsible for e-commerce site Groupsmore and media company Says.com. Khailee founded those two companies which were both acquired. He is also the managing partner of Silicon Valley’s most active speed venture capital firm with over 100 investments in Southeast Asian startups. He is always looking for patterns in startups to come up with disruptive patterns.

Tim Marbach

CEO and Founder at Asia Venture Group Tim is a successful and active investor in many startups across the globe. His road to success began when he started his first business venture called Bonial (Kaufda). Following the acquisition of Bonial.com by German media conglomerate Axel Springer SE in 2011, he has since moved to Southeast Asia and established Asia Venture Group, an angel investor company of many startups, including the iPrice Group.


iPrice Group

E-Commerce Aggregator and Price Comparison Website Southeast Asia is seen as the e-commerce haven, where new online stores are popping up every day. As such, shoppers are faced with more and more websites in their search for what they want and engage with retailers online. All this can get a little confusing.With this in mind, iPrice was set up to offer shoppers the widest selection of products and brands, provided by hundreds of partners in Southeast Asia – all made available on one shopping website. Founded since 2014, iPrice Group is present in seven major South East Asian countries.


E-Commerce & Multi-Channel Retail Innovators eTail Asia is Asia’s premier e-commerce event bringing together 400+ retailers. It is a one-stop shop for everything multichannel and eCommerce; an event where business owners and entrepreneurs have opportunities to learn, be inspired, find innovative solutions for their businesses and build lasting professional relationships. With 80+ keynotes, panels, workshops and social gatherings, 20 hours of networking and around 500 expected attendees, this event is poised to be the meeting place for Asia’s top retailers. Register for eTail Asia 2017 using the exclusive code “WSG_21897.005_iPrice” & get a 10% discount!

Trusted Company

E-Commerce Review Platform Trusted Company is a review platform for e-commerce businesses in emerging markets like Southeast Asia and India. Trusted Company aims to be the most transparent go-to-place for company reviews, spiced up with a goal of educating both businesses and consumers in positive ways of facilitating good e-commerce practice.As the current state of emerging e-commerce in the South East Asia Region holds tremendous opportunities for solutions that tackle scam, fraud, and other types of abuse, Trusted Company strongly believes that creating trust through third-party verified reviews is the best manner to overcome these issue.


A Digital Experience Delivery Platform UseInsider is a digital experience delivery platform for marketers with several local offices in APAC. UseInsider allows you to optimize and personalize the user journey across all your digital touch points with true 1:1 messaging without additional investment in technology resources or project managers. In particular, UseInsider enables marketers to leverage personalization, predictive segmentation and many out-of-the-box and custom widgets to boost loyalty and digital growth; examples are web push notifications, product recommendation, A/B testing, lead generation, and more. UseInsider is trusted by >200 partners, including reputable organizations such as Uniqlo, Singapore Airlines, CNN, Toyota, McDonalds, AVIS, MasterCard.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

For Consumers
Why should I vote?
If you are reading this, chances are that you’re already enjoying the convenience of e-commerce shopping. By voting at the iPrice E-Commerce Awards 2016, you can show your support for your favorite e-commerce stores and merchants – as well as giving yourself the chance to win a Samsung Smartphone!
How do I vote?
Visit the iEMA 2016 website and you will be able to submit an entry for your favorite e-commerce merchant. You will also be able to submit entries for the iPrice Special Award.
How do I qualify for the Samsung smartphone lucky draw?
Any person submitting an entry for the iEMA 2016 will qualify for the lucky draw. As for the iPrice Special Award, individuals will only qualify if they fill in the email column when submitting an entry.
For E-Commerce Merchants
How do I enlist my e-commerce business for the iEMA voting & judging sessions?
When is the voting & judging period?
15th November 2016 to 31st January 2017.
Can I incentivize my customers to vote for me?
We encourage you to get your customers involved with any form of support such as through the use of newsletters, social media, and banners. You are also allowed to incentivize your customers, e.g. running a lucky draw. However, it is not allowed to manipulate their opinion on your services.
How will finalists and winners be chosen?
  • The merchant with the highest number of votes will win “The Most Popular E-Commerce Merchant of the Year 2016” award for each country.
  • The merchant with the highest average ranking will win “The Highest Quality E-Commerce Merchant of the Year 2016” award for each country.
What would I gain by participating in iEMA?
Winners and finalists will receive a digital certificate and an e-badget that can be placed on their e-commerce websites. Winners will also receive a trophy that will be given out at eTail Asia conference in Hong Kong. There will also be strong PR coverage throughout the entire period of the iEMA by iPrice to garner more publicity; should your business be one of the winners or finalists of the iEMA, you will receive mentions in the press materials and other publicity activities.
Is my e-commerce business allowed to participate in all three (Most Popular Merchant, High Quality Merchant and iPrice Special Award) categories?
Yes. After receiving the first vote, you will automatically enter both the popularity and quality awards. However, your entry into the iPrice Special Awards is only active when somebody nominates your company.
When and where will the iEMA finalists be announced?
Winners and finalists of the awards will be announced at the eTail Asia 2017’s awards ceremony in Marina Bay, Hong Kong on 8th and 9th March 2017.
Where will the votes, reviews, & rankings be displayed, and where is it stored?
The votes and reviews will be stored and kept safe with TrustedCompany.com. The data collected is stored in secured servers that are constantly updated with the latest software to prevent illegal access. There will be no rankings of e-commerce businesses displayed on iEMA website.
How I can be sure that my business’ reputation will not be jeopardized by the iEMA 2016?
TrustedCompany.com will be collecting the votes and reviews for the duration of iEMA 2016. They have a team that is dedicated to monitoring all votes and reviews that are logged in, thus preventing any fake reviews from appearing on their database.
What happens if I score badly on the iEMA?
Participants are encouraged to publicize the iEMA to garner support from your loyal customers to ensure that the reviews are well reflecting experience of you customers. Low-ranked e-commerce businesses will not be publicized in any communication.