Upgrade your car’s in-car entertainment system with the best gizmos in Hong Kong's market. Read more to find out 3 essential items to put in your car’s entertainment system here.

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3 In-car entertainment systems you need

Driving can be such a pleasure given the luxuries in one’s vehicle. Even if your car is not equipped with the basic luxuries of in-car entertainment, you could always customize your car’s interior to enhance your driving experience. In Hong Kong, we are blessed to have hundreds of options for in-car entertainment systems without restrictions. Want to enjoy a great drive? Simply check out these 3 in-car entertainment gadgets to be installed in your car. You can be sure to have a great time on the road.


We start with the most basic of all the categories – the sound system. The beauty of music is amplified in a car’s sound system. Speakers allow the music and sound to travel from one end of your car to the other. This is not just necessary, but also incredibly useful for long drives. Having pleasant music could ease the awkward silence in the car. Particularly for long drives or if you drive for Uber or Grab, a good sound system can be useful to break the ice with your passenger as well as to play your favourite music. The two main types of speakers hooked up to your amps are coaxial speakers and tweeters. Both for bass and treble, the combination of these speakers will work wonders in your car’s sound system.

LCD screen

Time for a bit of high-tech gizmos. One of the best upgrades to your car’s entertainment system is the LCD screen. LCD screens can be hooked up to a variety of inputs, including your phone, your GPS navigation, DVD player, USB player, and Bluetooth device. This incredible little device displays all your visuals for you and your passengers to enjoy. Play a movie or view your favourite YouTube channel on the LCD screen without hassle.

Here are some things to consider when choosing an LCD screen:

  • Screen resolution – HD or not
  • Size – LCD screen size depends on how much space you have on your centre console
  • Compatibility – Get an LCD module that is compatible with the rest of your inputs
  • Features – Choose one that has the optimum features for your car’s setup. Too many features and you won’t maximize them. Too few, and you can’t enjoy it.


One essential piece of tech you need in your car is the Bluetooth device. If you are using a smartphone, the Bluetooth is inbuilt so you won’t need an external source. But if you want to take calls via hands-free or simply play music from your MP3 player, you will need a Bluetooth dongle. Bluetooth uses a frequency to send information from one user to another as long as the distance between the two is near.

Now that you know what tools you need in your car’s entertainment system, you can go ahead and shop for some. Start by looking at the biggest electronics brands in the market. Look out for brands such as Bose, Pioneer, and KENWOOD for a good start.