Organic, eco-friendly, ethical, and reasonably-priced; these are the qualities that make Innisfree Hong Kong one of the leading skincare brands. As the first South Korean company to use all-natural products, Innisfree bottles up Jeju's natural wonders into the comfort of your homes. Read more about Innisfree HK below.

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Discover the Magic of Innisfree Skincare Hong Kong

The opening line of William Butler Yeats' poem "The Lake of Innisfree" is the inspiration behind the name of this all-natural skincare and cosmetics brand. The term Innisfree itself is a combination of the words Innis (island) and free, and they believe in the coexistence between healthy beauty and clean nature. Their products utilize healthy minerals and ingredients found in Jeju, a volcanic island off the southernmost coast of South Korea. Due to their non-toxic qualities, Innisfree became a favourite Korean beauty brand amongst many women in the country.

Give Natural Beauty A Whole New Meaning with Innisfree Hong Kong

Innisfree uses Jeju Island's natural benefit in order to enhance the quality of their products and improve the end results. Jeju's clean fresh air, fertile healthy soil, soft warm sunlight, and pollution-free pure water are all beneficial for skin and body. All Innisfree products are free from paraben and synthetic colourants. Their products are also vegan, meaning that they don't test their products on animals. The company also leads many CSR projects, like The Green Eco Campaigns to reduce carbon emission.

Top Innisfree Skincare Products in Hong Kong

Here is a list of the brand most popular products that you should check out:

  • It's Real Squeeze Mask - This moisturizing, hydrating, and brightening facial sheet mask comes in all sorts of essences, like strawberry, rose, honey, tea tree, blackberry and acai berry. The sheet mask is triple-layered, so provides higher absorption and adheres greatly on your face. It's gentle on the skin and has a pleasant smell, too.
  • Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask - Who'd ever thought that something as destructive as a volcano can have such great benefits for our skin? This mask contains super volcanic cluster capsules to shrink pores, exfoliate dead skin, remove excess oil, enhance the skin tone and cools the surface of the face.
  • The Green Tea Seed Serum - Jeju's green tea nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and this serum does exactly that It's rich in amino acids, which can help hydrate the skin, and uses Dual-Moisturizing Technology that can hold the moisture on your skin for a longer period of time.
  • Olive Real Special Kit - The Olive Real product line uses extra virgin olive oil extracted from high-quality golden olives. This olive extract is full of antioxidants like polyphenols, oleic acids, and other useful vitamins. The special kit includes toner, lotion, and cream.

Is Innisfree good for acne?

Innisfree has effective Korean skincare for acne-prone skin that leaves skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. The secret is in the Bija fruit essence, which has been specially harnessed to improve the look of imperfections and balanced skin. It’s perfect for blemishes, redness, acne and uneven skin texture.

Why is Innisfree so popular?

Innisfree is Korea’s first natural skincare brand. Founded in 2000, Innisfree uses pure ingredients sourced from the spectacular Jeju island. Jeju is a South Korean volcanic island blessed with clean air, warm sunlight, fertile soil and pollution-free pure water. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site and on this island, Innisfree star ingredients including green tea, volcanic clay and tangerine are sourced.

Which Innisfree toner is the best?

The Innisfree Balancing Toner with Green Tea is the best Innisfree toner, it’s alcohol-free, so it won’t suck the moisture out of your skin. Instead, green tea helps deeply hydrate while staving off oiliness.

What is Innisfree known for?

Innisfree is best known for its natural and eco-friendly skincare and cosmetic products. All their products are made with natural botanical ingredients directly from Jeju Island. It’s no wonder why their products are suitable across all skin types, even those with sensitive skin.

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