Unexpected benefits of couponing

1 in 5
feel a sense of
victory when using coupons

Female couponers
are 20% more likely to receive emotional
satisfaction from
using coupons

Nearly half of the
18-34 half age using coupons feel a sense of responsibility
from couponing

How are Digital Coupon Delivered?

Coupon Codes:
Sites like iprice consolidate thousands of coupons on a variety of online shopping sites making them accessible to shoppers, free-of-charge.

Promo codes are sent to mobile hkones via SMS. They can sometimes be triggered automatcally based on proximity to a service or retail outlet.

Check- in services partner with companies to reward customers with offers based on their current or most visited locations.
Coupons can also be triggered
automatically based on proximity.

Age Groups Using Coupons on iprice