The Dudes’ Valentine’s
Day Survival Kit

Getting Valentine’s day gifts aren’t that difficult to master: just think of what Kanye would get for Kim, and then get the more affordable version!
To help you dudes out, here is a list of gift ideas to avoid
(for your own sake) and some suggestions on how to score
brownie points.

Don’t give her a weighing scale, give her a fitbit

Even if she’s a fitness junkie, a weighing scale is not the most tactful of gift ideas. Instead, get her (and yourself) a Fitbit and propose that you both go for regular walks together and motivate one another to a healthier lifestyle.

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Don't give her
wanderlust-themed gifts, give her tickets to a beach getaway

Don’t just talk about her dreams filled with the sun, sea and surf; treat her to an actual beach getaway. Besides, you really don’t have to break bank to go on an adventure together with available travel coupons.

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Don’t give her cleaning appliances, give her a robovac

If she’s the kind who finds cleaning therapeutic (some of us do, okay!), then surprise her with
a robovac. Turn it on and let it clean away while you take her out for a romantic dinner.

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Don’t give her coupons to your body, give her gift cards or useful coupons

Your body is a wonderland that she doesn’t need an entry pass for every other day,
so why would she need one on Valentine’s Day. We suggest a gift card to her favourite
store, along with coupons that actually count.

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Don’t give her Tupperwares, give her a clutch

Tupperware and containers might seem like unlikely options, but some of us ladies really
do get them as gifts (seriously). Get her a cute bag or a quirky clutch instead. It still helps her store things, but much more stylishly so.

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Don’t give her deodorant, give her perfume

Sure, deodorant might seem like a good and functional idea, but she might interpret your thoughtful gesture as a sign of bad body odour. For gifts that stimulate the olfactory senses,
be classy and go for perfumes.

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Don’t give her anything with hearts, give her your heart

You don’t need items laced with heart prints
to prove your undying love. Love should be like
a ninja: silent, powerful and impactful.
Be a ninja.

This friendly PSA is brought to you by women who’ve gotten bad gifts.

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May the odds be ever
in your favour.