Why settle for mediocre Korean beauty brands when you can get IOPE products that offer skincare with rare premium ingredients? With a strong reputation for creating products that not only work but excel beyond expectations, IOPE incorporates traditional medicinal herbs and plants, and packaged them in highly sophisticated designs. Want to learn more on how IOPE developed its products? Click here.

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IOPE IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning
IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning



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Day and Night
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IOPE Air Cushion Natural Glow






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IOPE Air Cushion Blusher

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IOPE Air Cushion Blusher Rose Pink

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IOPE Derma Trouble Emulsion
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IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning HK$ 244.40 Cosmetic Love
IOPE Air Cushion Natural Glow HK$ 77.45 YesStyle
IOPE Air Cushion Blusher HK$ 65.16 Cosmetic Love
IOPE Air Cushion Blusher Rose Pink HK$ 65.16 Cosmetic Love
IOPE Derma Trouble Emulsion HK$ 130.32 Cosmetic Love
IOPE Air Cushion Cover Refill Only 6 Colors HK$ 158.92 YesStyle
IOPE Men Air Cushion 2 Colors HK$ 217.34 YesStyle
IOPE Derma Repair CICA Cream 50ml HK$ 232.92 YesStyle
IOPE Pro Peeling Soft Gel 100ml HK$ 114.07 Cosmetic Love
IOPE Air Cushion Cover 15g (Refill) HK$ 77.45 Cosmetic Love
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IOPE IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning

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The premium bio-science brand — IOPE Hong Kong

IOPE Hong Kong: The science of IOPE

With a strong scientific research and development team, IOPE continues to create winning products that are dermatologically tested that you can trust. IOPE promises to restore the skin's natural pure, clear, and transparent condition with innovative sciences.

Did you know that IOPE has accumulated extensive data from over 13,000 Asian female consumers since 1999? IOPE researches have systematically analysed their skin data and published results in SKIN REPORT in order to better provide optimal solutions for Asian women’s skin concerns.

Bio-science technology in IOPE beauty products

A premium brand that utilizes bio-science technologies to help women achieve the level of beauty that they have always dreamed of, IOPE continuously engages in rigorous research to provide clear and proven solutions for all skin concerns.

To address the increasingly more complex and diverse skin concerns (no thanks to our increasingly polluted air and environment), IOPE focuses on skin’s bio activities to provide new and fundamental solutions. With continuous research on the skin’s bio activities using cutting-edge technologies, IOPE is able to further dive into the core principles of our skin. IOPE develops skin-friendly compounds that will help improve skin beauty that will result in long-lasting visible improvements.

To further specialize in skin and dermatology research, IOPE created Genius, a research organization focused on skin care that consists of top dermatologists and expert IOPE researchers in 2008. Since its formation, Genius has closely accumulated Asian women’s skin concerns and participated in rigorous research to develop innovative products. Genius continuously pioneers new skin care trends, utilizing the latest technology and vast experiences.

Genius also actively communicates with customers and provides in-depth skin counselling, customers (sadly only available in Korea for now) can pay a visit at the IOPE Bio Lab for a full skin professional and personalized skincare counselling. Bio Lab is a distinguished customer experience platform that functions as a data accumulating centre for new product development as well as a personalized beauty solutions provider centre for visitors.

IOPE focuses on the bio activities of skin and always strives to provide optimal solutions that incorporate the skin’s basic bio activity principles. IOPE also provides customers the opportunity to share their skin concerns with experts in detailed skin counselling. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies to provide optimal skincare solutions, IOPE wants to help women and men to obtain naturally beautiful skin.

Three main skincare lines

A brand belonging to South Korea’s beauty giant Amore Pacific, IOPE entered the Korean cosmetics market in 1996 and is best known for introducing Retinol to Korea in the late 1990’s.

IOPE’s has three main IOPE skincare lines: Moistgen (for dry and tight skin), Super Vital (for anti-aging) and Brightgen (for brightening dull skin and diminishing dark spots).

IOPE makeup

As makeup is also a very closely related to the skin, IOPE recognise the need for makeup that also functions as part of skincare and so developed a new category of wrinkle care cosmetics in 1997 with its stabilized Retinol products.

IOPE makeup lines include Super Vital (achieve radiant skin that has vitality from deep within), Perfect Skin (get fresh and flawless skin), Air Cushion (we’ll elaborate more below, read on), Bio (a magical CC cream base that will help to better set your makeup) and Colour makeup (a selected range of premium makeup).

IOPE Air Cushion — the No.1 rated cushion of South Korea

IOPE is well known for this particular product the IOPE Air Cushion Compact. Raking up awards from all over since its launch in 2008, including Editor’s Pick in Korea’s Allure, this bb cream-soaked sponge provides many benefits such as:

all-in-one moisturizer
SPF 50 PA+++
skin-evening colour

    Initial application may leave your skin really dewy (oh how Koreans love dewy skin), but give it awhile and a glowing radiance will appear on your face. Long lasting (holds up pretty well even under the sun), good coverage, hydrating (not caking at all) and leaves a luminous finish on your complexion, IOPE Air Cushion is the must-have multi-functional and easy use makeup foundation.

    A revolutionary product in the beauty industry, IOPE Air Cushion continues to set new sale records and remains the No.1 cushion foundation of Korea. Also well received in the Asian market, Air Cushion has surpassed 10 million units in sales with about KRW120 billion yearly revenue with one unit sold every six seconds!

    IOPE Air Cushion continues to be favoured by consumers and has spread in popularity through word of mouth thanks to the product's competitiveness and innovation. It also has established a strong brand presence which lead to the development of the IOPE Men Air Cushion and the Air Cushion Blusher and other various cushion products that can be used with Air Cushion. These products are also receiving a favourable response from consumers.

    IOPE rooted in plant sciences to provide solutions for skin concerns

    In order to help create skin full of vitality, IOPE has continued its journey to understand the inner workings of plant science and utilize active plant compounds for setting the new standards in cosmetics research. By successfully stabilizing Vitamin C, IOPE launched its Whitegen Intensive brightening products. In efforts to slow down the signs of aging, IOPE launched its lifting cosmetics series named Power Lifting that will aid in the anti-aging process.

    IOPE also incorporated professional dermatology technology into cosmetics and manage to assimilate sun protection properties into its Air Cushion products. IOPE is also the pioneer in developing technologies that are need to stabilize active plant compounds that are safe for the skin and capture the true essence of skin vitality.

    And now, by combining knowledge in Plant Science, Bio Technology and Bio-science, IOPE has identified essential compounds for healthy skin and has incorporated the skin’s bio activity mechanisms into new anti-aging solutions. Skincare range like IOPE Bio Essence and IOPE Super Vital are among the latest beauty solutions against skin aging.

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