The latest fashion in the Big Apple and Paris has extended its reach all throughout the world and now in Hong Kong. You can finally get them here!

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IRO: New York Meets Paris

Clothing is the most revealing yet subtle expression of an individual's personality. That is why, most often than not, people tend to wear the clothes that defines or at least say something about their character. IRO offers a crossover of New York Street Style fashion and Parisian royalty for men and women alike. Boasting clothes and apparels that suit all occasions for all seasons. With the wide number of clothing lines that has come to existence today, it is no doubt easy to find a generic style that fits all, but not the one that could really depict the inner you.

How IRO started

The duo behind the success of IRO are the brothers Arik and Laurent Bitton. They took a full 360 from making music to designing trendy outfits for women.

Before their idea about coming up with IRO, Laurent relocated to New York City in the pursuit of making a career out of his love for music as a lead guitarist and singer for a rock band. Though the group got a fair amount of attention from the public and was able to get a contract with BMG Paris, it got disbanded eventually pushing Laurent into their business together with his brother: Fashion.

It was such a big leap for Laurent, shifting gears from music to fashion, but with the aid of his brother, Arik, and their parents' twenty-year experience and inclination to the fashion industry, the brothers' were provided a good foundation to venture in this industry and great sum of connections, necessary to help ramp up their own label.

IRO is was launched at the same time in New York and Paris back in 2005. It started small, only offering dresses, jeans and tees for women. Eventually, their scope evolved and opened their fashion expertise to men.

Simplicity that Rocks!

Laurent and Arik Bitton, brothers from Paris, the brains behind this label are musicians turned Fashion gurus. IRO is their brain child, its designs were inspired from the energy of New York street fashion and Parisian get up. Their line of clothing is influenced greatly by rock music, which explains why their signature colours are black and white. IRO is a brand that brings the rock star in you to life, but in a fashionable way.

Especially Made for the Everyday Girl

The whole rock and roll chick outfit has been the rage for quite some time now. Mostly offered by high street stores or prominent designer names, but it's hard to find one that's fairly elegant and that's more suitable as a day to day clothing.

IRO's niche is more directed towards dolling up those everyday people, because the company believes they have a more interesting story to tell than meets the eye. IRO is aiming to be the brand that would help these people tell those story that the eyes can't see.

IRO Hong Kong Clothing Collection


IRO shirts are known for its minimalist yet elegant look. It's one of the go to collection of IRO when it comes to men's clothing.


There's a wide array of dresses IRO, however one of their signature dresses is the black dress. Mainly, it depicts so much how IRO is influenced by music while incorporating the crazy New York Street fashion.


This line of clothing is IRO's most distinct collection. Their outerwear mostly come in black and red wine colour. This collection can greatly mix and match with formal wear and even with day to day clothes. It's a jacket for all occasions, which puts more sophistication to your day to day style.


IRO is well known for its skirts with attitude. Mostly flaunting a rock star signature, yet still embossed with elegance.


They sport different cuts, from the trendy skinny jeans to pants that provide comfort like boot cut or boyfriend jeans. They have a wide array of jeans that could cater to every occasion for all season

IRO's clothing line isn't just limited to women's. Aside from women’s clothes and apparels, they also have a good sum of clothes, pants and apparels for men.

IRO's Top Outfitters

IRO's popularity has been already for quite a long time now and it's a brand that's been proven by time, which is why many female celebrities have already hopped in the band wagon and incorporated IRO is their day to day style. Some of IRO's top female celebrity outfitters are the following:

  • Kate Hudson
  • Anna Paquin
  • Jessica Alba
  • Taylor Swift
  • Hilary Duff
  • Ashley Tisdale
  • Gwyneth Paltrow

These are just some of the many famous women who have already dolled it up with IRO, it's about time you flaunt that inner rock star in you step it up with style.