Innovation, versatility, and sophistication are the features that helped to pin Issey Miyake onto the map of the world’s most prestigious fashion labels. The designer and his namesake empire have given the industry a distinctive touch of modern designs on classic garments. But there are more to Issey Miyake than just extravagant products so if you are all about Japanese exceptional design sense read more about the brand below.


Reasons to Include Issey Miyake on your Next #OOTD

Japanese fashion has always been one of a kind. Their take on fashion and couture has always centered in functionality and simplicity. Embodying the very essence of Japanese high fashion is Issey Miyake and their exciting selection of fashion items and accessories. What makes them unique is their minimalist designs which give us an insight into Japan's rich culture. Here are some reasons why you should incorporate a little bit of Issey Miyake on your #OOTD.

Minimalist Fashion at its Finest

Issey's fashion line is all about individualism and minimalism where he conveyed the connection between the body and clothing in the most creative way. This being the appliance of technology on textile designs that has always been the focal point of the brand's design.

For example, the brand's recent collection was praised for the industry’s first origami-like patterns that are formed by steam. This allows a natural feel of the fabric on the skin to create a lissome outline of the design. To make this special drapery, computer software was used in layering the cotton and polyester weaves. Added on to this innovative fabric treatment is the touch of impeccable sense of minimalism.

The Embodiment of Japanese Culture in Fashion

The taste of Miyake reflects the Japanese culture in every way. Issey Miyake’s fashion philosophy is the concept of “a piece of cloth” in designing. This exceptional dressing style embraces the space between the body and clothing as well as celebrates the simplicity of contemporary arts & designs. Does it sound like some brand’s aesthetic identity of today? Yes, Apple. Steve Jobs himself was a friend of Miyake and his signature black turtleneck “uniform” was a creation of this legendary designer.

Issey Miyake's Guston Bag

The top product line of Issey Miyake has to be their unique bags collections. Still staying true to the brand’s innovative design philosophy, these handbags are just too stunning no matter what style you are going for. Issey Miyake shook up the fashion industry with its extraordinary reversible leather bag called Guston.

This oh-so-glamorous handbag is entirely made from leather with laminated print technology to give the most vibrant look even from a far distance. The most prominent feature is undoubtedly its ability to turn inside-out to reveal a solid color pattern that matches perfectly with any outfit and occasion. And this is the true essence of “a piece of cloth” concept of Issey Miyake.

Japanese Engineering on your Wrists

The Japanese are the experts in watchmaking and Issey Miyake is among the top labels for both functional and tasteful watch designs. Every Issey Miyake timepiece is carefully crafted by the hand of its prominent designers. Everyone can easily find their perfect companion for a complete style statement with a broad collection of watches that ensemble the essence of the Issey Miyake Fashion House seamlessly. Jasper Morrison, Yves Behar, Naoto Fukasawa, Harri Koskinen to name a few are just some of the many designers that have worked with Issey Miyake to create the finest timepieces for you.

The Perfect Accessory - Issey Miyake Fragrances

Just as charming as the fashion line, Issey Miyake perfumes also possess a distinctive sense of magnetism. Issey Miyake fragrances are irresistible and seductive that will turn every head around. Some of the most adored collections by Issey Miyake are as below:

  • L'Eau d'Issey - The most radiant beauty comes from the purity of a woman’s scent. With L’Eau d’Issey immaculate touch of nature, every woman can be confident with her style.
  • L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme - Feel the ocean breeze and the hypnotizing beauty of mountain waterfall with the scent of this men fragrance.
  • Pleats Please - A signature Issey Miyake scent that is made to perfection. You simply cannot ignore this alluring perfume collection to finish up a sophisticating style.

Aside from perfumes, Issey Miyake also has a selection of bath and body products such as lotions, deodorants, as well as shower gels.

If you're looking for a brand that would bring you Japanese simplicty, minimalism, and functionality in design, Issey Miyake would be the perfect brand for you. The brand seamlessly blends contemporary designs with a classic style that would revolutionize fashion. Your #OOTD could use a little boost with Issey Miyake's exciting selection of ready-to-wear fashion and accessories! Check out the brand's latest collections on this page and get a taste of true Shibuya fashion.