Looking for a new skincare product to try? Then, give It’s Skin a try! It’s Skin is one of South Korea’s top beauty brand and offers a wide range of products for men, women and children! Click here to learn more about the brand or scroll down to browse through our array of It’s Skin products!

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It’s Skin Hong Kong: Yummy Food for Your Skin

It’s Skin Hong Kong: Beautify Your Skin

South Korea is known for its superb skincare and cosmetics products due to its culture of placing high importance on looks and fair skin. And its beauty brands certainly know better than to disappoint their customers around the world.

It’s Skin is a skincare and cosmetics brand that was developed by a dermatologist from Seoul University. The brand was created with the aim of being the best solution for your skin! Every ingredient chosen down to the methods used to prepare its products is carefully selected to produce the best results for your skin.

It’s Skin Hong Kong: The Clinical Skin Solution

In the midst of widely available cosmetic products, It’s Skin aims to stand out by offering solutions for your skin problems. Its products are made based on the needs of its customers rather than placing importance on the need of financial gain. From skincare and cosmetics to hair and body care, you will be able to find all you need and more to ensure that your skin receives the best possible care.

Among the various range of products that it has to offer, It’s Skin is well-known for its Prestige D’Escargot range of skincare products. And yes, as you would have probably deduced from the name, the products are made from snails. Well, snail mucus/slime to be exact. It’s Skin has researched into this ingredient and has found that snail mucus has the best skin regeneration effect as well as other great skincare properties! The snail mucus is said to contain proteins, elastin, collagen, antibodies and vitamins that can help with skin issues, like acne, scarring, dry/oily skin, premature aging as well as sagging/dullness. Of course the highlight of the entire range would be the It’s Skin Prestige Crème d’Escargot that is highly sought after by customers in Southeast Asia, Russia and Latin America. The product even won the Gold Award at the 2014 Monde Selection in May 2014. Other than beauty products for women and men, the Prestige D’Escargot range of products also offers baby care products under the Prestige Bebe Cream D’Escargot line. It’s Skin has definitely proven itself to be a beauty brand that cares for everyone!

Now, you may be wondering, other than this snail range of products, what other products from It’s Skin is great? Well, we are glad you asked because we have a short list of products below that we feel may be of interest to you:

  • It’s Skin Babyface One-Step Base: This makeup base protects the skin from the sun, covers pores, evens the skin as well as gives the skin a smooth, clean look. It comes in either green or lavender pink to even out your skintone (Green to counteract redness while Lavender Pink is to brighten up your complexion).
  • It’s Skin Cookie & HandCream: Have a love for all things sweet? Then you would definitely want to check out this hand cream! It is available in 3 different “flavours”: Original, Strawberry and Mint. Each flavour looks delicious and smells just as great! It is lightly moisturizing with exfoliating “cookie chips” that will leave your skin feeling smooth and smelling yummy!
  • It’s Skin Babyface Aqua Gel Tint: Looking for something that gives the light colour tint of lip glosses but without the stickiness? Then try out this gel tint from It’s Skin! It is available in three colours: Cherry, Strawberry and Orange. The gel tint comes with a doe foot applicator and can be used to lightly dab on the product for a slight flush of colour or built on for a bold colour output.
  • It’s Skin Aloe Soothing Gel 90%: Suffering from skin irritation or having a nasty sun burnt? Then try this soothing gel from It’s Skin. Formulated with Aloe, Green Tea, Watermelon and Mango extracts, this gel would help soothe and calm your skin. Put it in the fridge before use for better results.
  • It’s Skin Clinical Solution AC Toner: It is a toner that has been clinically researched and specially made for problem & stressed skin. It is gentle, soothing and moisturizing for sensitive skin. The product is also able to gently remove dead skin and other impurities, leaving the skin feeling clean.

It’s Skin Hong Kong: Recover Your Skin’s Natural Power

Rejuvenate and revitalize your skin with these awesome beauty products from It’s Skin. The brand offers a wide range of beauty products for men, women and children. If its range of products does not interest you, then have a look at products from the follow K-Beauty brands that we have to offer: