Jack Wills is a heritage fashion and lifestyle brand. The brand epitomize a carefree, youthful spirit which embraces freedom, independence and adventure. Creating clothing and accessories for people who appreciates effortless design, high-quality finishes and attention to detail; Jack Wills is best known for its heritage-inspired pieces. Learn more about Jack Wills HK below.

Is Jack Wills a good brand? | Why is Jack Wills called Jack Wills? | Which Jack Wills stores are closing? | Do Jack Wills do children's clothes?

Jack Wills Clothing

How to Style Your Freshers with Jack Wills Hong Kong

Whilst starting a new term may be daunting, starting a new wardrobe shouldn’t. We’ve sorted out your wardrobe from AM to PM making sure no sleep’s lost during Fresher’s Week (believe us- those Zzzs are precious). Built your capsule collection, think warm outerwear, Jack Wills iconic hoodies, everyday denim and all the pieces in-between.

9 AM Lectures

Waking up in time for your 9 AM classes isn’t so bad when you know you’ll look great on arrival. Take the opportunity to wear something a little outrageous, Jack Wills’ Gledholt culottes will spice up everyone’s morning, plus the tunic and gilet keep it all relaxed. For the guys, a simple tee, jeans and a cosy hoodie should do the trick.

Just Brunching

Girls, everything can look elevated with a smart coat- throw Jack Wills’ Chelsea coat over a knit and checked skirt for an effortless, brunch-ready look. Boys, skinny-fit jeans and a shirt is a foolproof combo, just add a hoodie and a warm jacket like the Embleton.

Bumbling About Town

Nipping out and want to look stylish at the same time? Jack Wills’ signature trench will be your new best friend- whether you’re going shopping, meeting a friend or working from your favourite cafe. Just add a striped tee and some cropped jeans. For the men, the Hormbeam denim trucker jacket is fully lined and stylish too- pair this over your favourite shirt and jeans.

Evening Chill

It’s a chilled one, maybe you’re just heading to the pub, maybe a firework display- these outfits work on so many different levels. Guys, the bold Nevis jacket is lightweight and pairs easily over hoodies, jeans and high tops. Girls, the fitted version- named the Cartmell- keeps in the heat, keeping your insulated as you layer it on top of a hoodie or shirt and jeans.

Is Jack Wills a good brand?

Known for its heritage-inspired classics with a contemporary twist. Jack Wills is a very popular brand that produces high-quality and well-made clothing.

Why is Jack Wills called Jack Wills?

Peter Williams and Robert Shaw founded the brand in 1999. Williams was 23 when the first store opened at 22 Fore Street, Salcombe and it was created with £40,000- the founders slept above the shop. The brand was named after one of the co-founders’ grandparents.

Which Jack Wills stores are closing?

Frasers Group has announced that it will permanently shut down another five Jack Wills stores with immediate effect as the “unprecedented uncertainty.” The Jack Wills stores set for closure are located in Dublin, Exeter, Cambridge, Bath and Manchester Trafford Centre.

Do Jack Wills do children’s clothes?

Yes, Jack Wills does have children’s clothes. Jack Wills kidswear is for boys and girls ages from 0-16 years. The range includes T-shirts, sweats, outerwear as well as accessories.