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If you love arts and crafts, then you would know that beads are a necessity to all your projects. Not only will you be able to create almost anything entirely out of beads, you and your loved ones can also enjoy the beauty of crafting. Grab the best beads online or find out more about craft projects you can do with beads in Hong Kong below.

Beadia 50Pcs Antique GoldSilverBrass Plated 6x4mm Metal Spacer Loose Beads
HK$ 24.00 HK$ 36.00
Mini In The Box
Key Material:Metal; Net Weight(kg):0.024; Listing Date:08/01/2016
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Beadia 100PCS Glass Facetted Crystal Beads 6mm Diamond Bicone Shape Turquoise Color DIY Spacer Loose Beads
HK$ 47.00
Mini In The Box
Size:5-11 mm; Shape:Round Shape; Type:Glass Beads; Material:Glass; Net Weight(kg):0.02,0.02; Listing Date:06/12/2015
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Blue Tulip Boutique Beaded Stopper Bead
HK$ 156.00
Sterling silver and black enamel 3mm stopper bead. Stopper beads keep charms securely in place. This Story Bead fits on chains up to 3.4mm wide. Made with .925 Sterling Silver.
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"15x9mm Mixed Polymer Fimo Clay, 5-leaves Flower, Spacer Loose Beads
HK$ 339.00
Handmade Polymer Clay Plumeria Beads, For Brilliant Jewelry Making, Flower, Mixed Color Size: about 15mm in diameter, 9mm thick, hole: 1mm. We are offering your own way of unique styling jewelry. Come and create your own fashion style with these polymer clay beads. Lightweight and inexpensive, these beads are great to add to other beads for bracelets, necklaces, or any other craft you desire. Due to the handcrafted nature of the beads, size, shape and pattern may vary slightly.
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Craft Projects you can make with Beads in Hong Kong

As an essential part of crafting, beads are small decorative objects which can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are different types of beads depending on the materials used. There are wooden beads, plastic beads, glass beads, pearl, and even beads made of seeds and bones. What makes beads different from other craft materials is the tiny hole in the middle to help secure it with a string or any type of thin fabric to hold it in place.

Beads can be made into anything if you have the creativity and passion to do it. Creativity plays a big role in creating bead crafts and it can be a great hobby for kids and adults alike. Here are some great craft projects that you and your loved ones can enjoy making.


When you say beads, the first thing that comes to mind are necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, etc. case in point jewellery. Beads have been made into jewellery for thousands of years and can be made of anything from gold, precious gems, jade, ivory, and so much more. If you are new to beadwork, creating jewellery out of beads would be among your first projects because they are relatively easy to make. All you need are the beads of your choice and strings to put them all together!

Pony Bead Lizards

If you have kids, you can ask them to join you in creating these amazing pony bead lizards. It's a little bit more complicated than creating jewellery but the end result is definitely worth it. Using this diagram, you can create your own pony bead lizards with your kids!

Beaded Wind Chimes

If you think creating your own wind chimes can't get any better, try incorporating beads on your creation! All you need to do is arrange a pattern of beads on a series of strings which will then be attached to the wind chime. Another great thing about creating this project is that you can use recyclables and make it a DIY.

Fridge-Door Decoration

Great for holding reminders, grocery lists, and receipts, fridge door decorations made of beads takes a whole new level of creativeness. Make your imaginations soar by being creative on your fridge decor. All you need are a couple of beads, some glue, string, and a magnet and you can create an amazing project for your fridge door.

If you want to put your creativity in play and find a new hobby, crafting with beads and bead working is definitely a fun and enjoyable activity. Great for kids and kids at heart, put your imagination in play with the best beads in Hong Kong! Grab your favorite sets now!

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