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Brooches - an Accessory for all Occasions

Brooches are decorative jewellery made to hold or attach garments together. It is often made of gold, silver, bronze or any precious metal and adorned with stones with varying colors, often with different intrinsic value. Along with that, brooches have countless styles and designs, which makes it as important and as gorgeous as other accessories.

What are brooches for?

From the description above, brooches are simply accessories but unlike a necklace, or a ring, brooches are among the many types of jewellery that doesn’t have any size limits. This means, you can wear brooches as big as your fist, but that’s going to depend on how well it looks on you. While some consider it as an “old-timey” thing, brooches are in fact a classy way to enhance your outfit.

Brooches are often a hit and miss accessory; it can either make you look fashion forward or fashion foolish. Wear one that’s a little bit too big and people can’t see your face; wear something a little too small and it’s like it’s not even there. That is why it is important to choose the right type of brooch for the right outfit and occasion. It’s purpose is to subtly stand out and make your outfit more appealing.

Four tips on how to wear a brooch

The brooch’s main function as an accessory is to hold a garment together, usually to close it but there’s more to this jewellery than meets the eye. Here are four tips on how to fabulously wear a fine brooch:

  1. Mix your vintage brooch with a structured, graphic dress or a neon clutch to for a polished outfit, with a modern flair.
  2. When placing a brooch on your outfit, it is common to put in on the left or right shoulder but it can also be a centerpiece for a buttoned-up collar. Another tip is to never put a brooch in the middle of a dress or your top.
  3. A blazer is a brooch’s best friend!
  4. Brooches are not only for clothes but also for bags! If you have a plain purse or a handbag, add a little style to it by pinning a brooch at the top corner of your bag.

When is the best time to wear a brooch

A brooch is a great accessory that would enhance any outfit you wear. From going out with your friends, to family occasions, dates and even in the office, a brooch would blend perfectly with your outfit. A brooch reflects your style, sophistication, personality and a great way to bring out your inner fashionista! Like any other jewellery, a brooch should never be left out of the closet.

A brooch is a great addition to anyone’s closet so if you want to start your own collection, you can browse through our gallery of extensive brooch designs and collections from different stores across the internet. Brands like Chanel, Kenneth Jay Lane, Light in the Box, Gracefulvara, Grace Sky and a whole lot more! Add a little spark to your outfit with the most gorgeous brooches available online!

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