The name “Michael” resounds greatness in many forms; from Michael Jackson as the eternal King of Pop to Michael Phelps as a world-record breaking Olympic swimmer to Michael Jordan as the forever flying Legend of Basketball. From his fame, success, and incredible prowess on the basketball court, out came a brand that defines the strength and grace of basketball. Check out the goods that we have in store and scroll further down for further details on the brand.


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  • Jordan: The Legend, The King, The Brand
  • Jordan Shoes, Gear, and Clothing: Setting You Higher Than the Rest
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Jordan: the Legend, the King, the Brand

It all started with one man—Michael Jordan. Nike was in a slump in sales before the year of 1984 and it was the signing of Jordan that reinvented Nike to where it is now. The signing of Jordan made way for Nike to produce the very first of the Jordan line of products called the Air Jordan I. Since it was the first one made under Nike, it featured Nike’s large swoosh on the shoes. After the flunk of the Air Jordan II, a shoe designer by the name of Tinker Hatfield crafted the Air Jordan III and it became an instant success.

After 29 years of new Jordans and successful marketing, the legend behind the king of basketball has been turned into a self-sustaining brand. Though Nike stopped producing Air Jordans at XXIII, purposely stopping at 23 to commemorate Jordan’s number during his legendary seasons, the brand lives strongly as both collectables and as modern types of products.

When the Air Jordan III was released, it featured Jordan’s signature move, ‘Air Walk’. It was then called the Jumpman. The logo first appeared during a photoshoot for Life magazine before the 1984 Olympic Games—right before Michael Jordan even signed up under Nike.

Now, the Jordan brand does not only include basketball shoes, it boasts sneakers, casual shoes, clothing, and even sporting gear.

Jordan shoes, gear, and clothing: Setting you higher than the rest

Jordan Shoes

Nike has introduced a multitude of Jordans from the moment Michael Jordan signed-up with them. What started off as a brand made specifically to remark a legend in basketball; the shoes that are presented in the Jordan line-up now no longer compromises of just basketball shoes. Branching out into three main categories (Men, Women Boys, and Girls) and further branching out into five sub-categories, Jordan shoes have gone off the basketball court and onto the lives of the world surrounding it. Here is the list of the five sub-categories of Jordan shoes up for grabs:

  • Basketball – Jordan’s basketball shoes are made out of high quality fabric with features that focuses on heel support and cushioning. All basketball shoes are crafted to enhance lateral stability and most have innovative webbing lace system that provides full lockdown
  • Lifestyle – The lifestyle line-up of Jordan shoes encompasses flashy basketball shoes to wear on-and-off the court, high-rise sneakers, off-court shoes, and slide-in sandals. All products in this category focuses on the style you will pull-off off the court
  • Gym & Training – There are three main types of shoes you can find in this category. They are Training Shoes, Running Shoes, and Flex Training Shoes. All the shoes in this category feature Hyperfuse construction and flexible midsole design that empowers streamlined, natural motion range, and breathable fabric. They are also equipped with midfoot straps that enables locked-down support.
  • Baseball/Softball – Jordan also makes shoes for baseball and softball. They are manufactured with synthetic leather and full-length Phylon midsole to give you the ultimate durability and comfort.

Jordan Gear

Apart from the famous Jordan shoes, of which have gone off the basketball court and onto other courts and on the streets, Jordan also markets a variety of sporting gears.