Joshua Sanders is well-known as a Cosmopolitan Sneaker brand. The sneakers are handcrafted with Italian arts and yet are based in New York City. The style is mix-made of fashion, culture and personalities. Street Style, Pop Culture and Basketball heavily influence the Avant-Garde style of the brand. The sneakers give the casual look with comfort yet fashionable. Read more about it here!


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Joshua Sanders Hong Kong: Your Choice of Avant-Garde Clothing

Avant-garde your way with Joshua Sanders Hong Kong

You read that right. This avant-garde footwear fashion has a motto of “HEART IN NYC, MADE IN ITALY”. Street Style, Basketball, Pop Culture and Iconography have influenced this unique and luxury products. Joshua Sanders stands a group of creative people with the expression of the connection between the handcraft Italian arts and based in NYC. How a cosmopolitan sneaker can make you feel ‘international’.

A pursuing inspirational and worldwide travel is the place where their collections are created. Each theme of their collections incorporates different details made of metropolitan inspiration, from the shining neon lights of Hong Kong to the pastel colors of the Art Deco buildings in Miami. These interesting sneakers will take you along with their journey in a mix made of fashion, culture and personalities.

Cosmopolitan Joshua Sanders for him

Besides the avant-garde sneakers, the brand has also produce the same concept for bags and hats. The design team must have created these collections to style with the sneakers. To think of it, one kind of accessory is never enough! All the designs of the collections give you the attitude due to the striking colours, the swag big fonts and the eye-catching unique shapes of the collections. Men with attitude and style, what women wouldn’t dig?

Joshua Sanders Bags for him

The bags consist mostly of backpacks. You will be surprise to find a very pop-culture man pouch in the list!

Bags SS16
204 Yellow Lock
204 Black Lock
204 Orange Lock
205 Yellow 23
205 LA Black Jersey
205 LA Yellow Jersey
205 NY Green Jersey
205 USA
205 Black Denim Logo
205 Blue 23
208 Ocean Drive
208 Copacabana
208 Surfboard
208 Walk Of Fame
Bags FW 15-16
205 Yellow Don’t Touch
205 Orange Play Hard
205 Red 23
205 Silver 32
205 Gold 23
Bags SS15
Backpack Food All Over
Backpack Smile All Over
Backpack Blue
Backpack Black

Joshua Sanders Hats for him

Stylish headgears for you.

Hats SS16
010 Orange Lock
003 Black Logo

Joshua Sanders Shoes for him

Shoes, the main products of this brand. There are many types of design styles and the most unique is zipper shoes style. Besides the outstanding looking zipper shoes, the brand has slip-on, laced shoes and also velcro-strap shoes. The shoes are designed with different style of colours, which for examples; monochromatic colour, striking colour, colorful and even colours that glow in the dark! The shoes are not just designed by colours, the design team is more creative than that. You can find drawings, words, letters and even unexpected shapes on the shoes. Now, that is Avant-Garde.

Shoes FW16-17
Shoes SS16
Shoes FW15-16
Shoes SS15

Cosmopolitan Joshua Sanders for her

Women’s collections have the exact types of collections as men’s, which are bags, hats and shoes. Do not worry, ladies. The styles and the workmanships are not exactly as the men’s collections. In fact, the styles are quite feminine yet vibrant. The collections vary in terms of the material, shape, colour and TASTE. Well, thanks to the mix made of culture, fashion and personalities! If you are looking for unusual designs for yourself, Joshua Sanders is the one for you.

Joshua Sanders Bags for her

Joshua Sanders have many types of bags for the ladies. There are backpacks, handbags and clutches with different shapes, styles and colours. You can even find cute fur bags! Every each of the bags has its own characteristic. The bags are designed with different materials as well as words, letters, drawings and patterns on the bags.

Bags SS16
205 NY Grey Jersey
205 Aqua 23
205 Pink 23
205 LA Black Jersey
208 Ocean Drive
208 Copacabana
28 Surfboard
208 Wall of Fame
209 Geometric Var
210 Geometric Var
204 Multicolor Stripes 3
203 Multicolor Stripes 4
205 Barbapapa
205 Barbazoo
205 Barbamamma
205 Barbottina
205 Multibarba
204 Yellow Block
204 Black Lock
203 Orange Lock
Bags FW15-16
205 Grey Peluche
205 Beige Peluche
206 Beige Fur
206 Black Fur
206 Red Tartan
204 Clutch Bag Smile
203 Clutch Bag Smile
Bags SS2015
Backpack Pinkdots
200 Natural Floral
201 Natural Floral
201 Grey Fleece NY
Handbag Food All Over
Handbag Pink Dots
Handbag Red Dots
Bagpack Food All Over
Bagpack Smile All Over
200 Blue Floral

Joshua Sanders Hats for her

Elegant and fashionable hats for you!

Hats SS16
010 Pink Heart
010 White Heart
Hats SS16
008 Pink
008 Orange
006 Red
006 NY
006 LA
006 Green
006 Blue
006 Beige

Joshua Sander Shoes for her

Ladies, if you think that sneakers are limited to the materials, then you are wrong about Joshua Sanders shoes for you ladies. The sneakers are vary in term of the materials, for an example, some of the shoes are covered by colourful fur! The shoes are also in different styles, laced, slip-on, zipper shoes and the most interesting style is bow shoes! You can now walk with style, ladies.

Shoes FW16
Shoes SS16
Shoes FW15-16
Shoes SS15

Joshua Sanders’ little surprise!

A number of the most important French brands, for examples; Isabel Marant, Maje and Sanro asked for his consultation and collaboration. From there, he got connection between all the designers and then he became a consultant for several French brands. From zero to hero, Joshua Sanders introduced his first personal project: a capsule collection of shoes and baseball hats with the concept of the Street Couture. Thus, Joshua Sanders collections will never disappoint you.