Jouer is a popular cosmetics brand, specializing in makeup and skin care products. If you are in the market for one, check out the latest Jouer cosmetics on this page. Learn more about Jouer cosmetics by reading the article below.


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Jouer Cosmetics HK: 8 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to make your eyes look less tired or tricks to getting gorgeous lips, Jouer Cosmetics has got you covered with these makeup hacks.

Familiarize Each Part of Your Eye

This is incredibly beneficial when following beauty tutorials from makeup gurus on YouTube, as it will help you learn and improve your makeup skills. Knowing where the water line is will allow you to make it look wider by applying some pale nude eyeliner along the bottom.

Glide Your Eyeliner Downwards for Wider-Looking Eye

Gliding your eyeliner up at the end is the most common application. But if you want rounder eyes, then you can flick the eyeliner downwards towards your cheekbones. Speaking of premium-quality eyeliners, you might want to check out Jouer Cosmetics Slim Crème eyeliner that comes with an easy-to-apply, fast-drying formula that prevents fading and creasing. A sharpener also comes in the package to make sure your eyeliner is in tip-top shape.

Choose the Right Concealer for your Under Eye

If you have dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness on your under eyes, you can get rid of them by using the right concealer. If you have dry skin, use a creamy concealer. Before you apply this, make sure your under eye looks well-hydrated and exfoliated. For people with oily skin, stick with clay concealers since they absorb oils and help keep the coverage last all day long. For those with super dark circles, apply a matte peach color then top it with a foundation with a yellow tone. The peach hue will tone down the dark purple color in the under eyes.

A concealer with a bright formula is your best bet for fine lines. Avoid those concealers with a heavy or thick formula. For under eye bags, apply an ice cube to your eye area for several seconds. Then let your skin dry and dab a small amount of concealer over the area.

Do Not Apply a Lot of Concealer Under Your Eyes

Today, many girls typically apply a lot of concealer under their eyes to erase dark circles. However, doing so will just make your under eyes look unnatural and make you look older. To avoid this problem, simply load up a thin layer of concealer, just enough to even out your skin tone without totally blanketing your complexion.

Know Which Type of Blush Suits You Best

Knowing which type of blush suits you best will help you achieve great results for your face. Blushes with powder formulas work best for people with large pores while creams provide a moist finish and long-lasting effect. There are also gel variants that provide a healthy glow but don’t always have a strong staying power.

Choose the right blush hue for your skin tone

While blush can make your skin look glowing, choosing the wrong color can ruin your overall look. If you have pale skin, use pale pink or lilac formula to match with your light complexion. Avoid blushes that are made of chalky powders and go for those with a cream formula. For people with fair skin, it’s best to apply a peachy pink shade that gives radiance to your skin. For those with tan skin tones, choose a cranberry blush to give your skin a gorgeous, radiant glow. And for those with deep skin, you can give it a stunning glow by applying some bright apricot cream blush.

Apply a Lip Liner

To get a longer-lasting lip color, use a lip liner. For a well-defined application, make sure to sharpen the pencil first and choose the right color that will complement your lipstick. If you’re looking for a long-lasting lip liner, you can try Jouer Long-Wear Crème Lip Liner. It comes in 14 different shades, so there should be one color that will suit your look best. Another interesting thing about this Jouer lip liner is that it is ultra-pigmented and has a fast-drying formula that will prevent the lip color from fading and feathering.

Avoid Lipstick Smearing using a Tissue

Yes, you read that right! You can avoid lipstick fading, smearing, or smudging by applying translucent powder and using a tissue to blot the powder through. Make sure you set just the right amount of powder that gets to your pout.

When it comes to quality blushes, Jouer Cosmetics is the brand to check out. They have the Blush Bouquet that comes with two velvety smooth blushes that blend nicely and deliver rich pigment colors.